5th Grade Bible

B5Help your students develop a lifelong relationship with the Father through His Word and this engaging online Ignitia Bible course. Developed exclusively for Christian schools, interactive, media-infused lessons present the concepts of God's presence in our lives, the existence of angels, the Bible as a book of prophecy and poetry, and God's work shown through service to others. Internet-based, this curriculum is available anytime, allowing students to share their learning experiences with their families. The course contains administrative and assessment tools to streamline teaching functions to help busy teachers focus on instruction.


Engaging and interactive, Ignitia 5th Grade Bible was designed to encourage the use of the Bible as a guidebook for daily life. Students learn about Abraham, the apostle Paul, and other servants of God, in addition to the importance of service to God in their daily lives. They will explore biblical principles of the law, fundamental biblical truths, biblical structure, and applying God's Word practically as they learn and grow. Media-rich lessons and interactive elements enrich the learning process and spark the passion of learning for Christian school students.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:

  • How Others Lived for God
  • Angels
  • The Presence of God
  • Bible Methods and Structure
  • The Christian in the World
  • Proving What We Believe
  • Missionary Journeys of Paul
  • God Created Man for Eternity
  • Authority and Law
  • Angels, the Bible, and the Living God

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