Evaluation and Testing

For the purpose of determining proper academic placement, the Registrar will take into consideration grades from previous school(s), state testing scores (if available), as well as review of entrance placement exams in English and Math through Enlightium Academy. Based on all the information above, student will be placed in Honors/Advanced Placement (AP), Regular, or a Remedial program.

For those students who were previously home-schooled, additional exams may be required in other core subjects. Please contact us for additional questions/information requests.

Our staff will obtain records from the new student's previous school by sending a completed Record Release Form to the school. Please help us expedite this process by completing the form immediately and submitting it to our school office via fax. We are required to have these records in order to conduct a proper review of each students academic standing.

Honors (7-12 gr) / AP (11-12 gr):

Honors/AP courses demand the highest level of participation, effort and quality from students. This program requires additional emphasis on higher-level thinking and explores curriculum at greater depths and levels of complexity. The AP Program, allows students to participate in a college level course and possibly earn college credit while still in high school. Students who score 75% or higher on entrance testing will be considered for this program. Upon registration, students will be given an option to opt out of the Advanced Placement or Honors Program.

Regular Program (3-12 gr):

Students who score 50% or higher on entrance tests will be placed in our Regular Program. Our Regular Program is academically intense and designed to be challenging to prepare students who desire to further their education past their high school career.

Remedial Program (3-12 gr):

Students who score below 50% on entrance tests will be placed in the Remedial Program. The main goal of the Remedial Program is to accelerate the student gradually to a Regular Program. The program is designed to help students who are having problems with understanding the basics of core subjects such as Math and English. These classes act as a safety valve for struggling students, allowing them to work at the level they are truly on, rather than letting them fail on the level they are expected to be.

Evaluation of Student Progress:

There are several tests that are available through EA:

College Board PSAT (Preliminary SAT) for 10-11 grades; College Board SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) for 11-12 grades; Local School Testing.

Stanford 10 Online Test with ABeka (our educational partner):

The Stanford 10 Online is available for grades 3-12. Online assessments allow for automated capture, real-time reporting and scoring, and immediate normative analysis.
This test can be taken at home with the supervision of parents or legal guardian and the support of ABeka representative.

To take this test a family must go to http://www.abekatesting.org/ and register with ABeka for testing. Once on the page select "Standardized Tests," then "Achievement," then "Stanford 10 Online." On the bottom right side click on any offered level to see what is the grade recommendation and record the code number. Once the code number is determined, please go to "Log In" on the upper right corner and follow the registration procedure.

Register for the testing date and save the date in your calendar. ABeka will send you an email few weeks prior to the test with additional information and will have representatives available to help with administering of the test.

College Board PSAT/SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) for grades 9-12:

The SAT/PSAT tests are globally recognized college admission tests that allow you to show colleges what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. They test your knowledge of reading, writing and math — subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms. Visit www.collegeboard.org to learn more.

Testing: Available throughout the year, please check College Board for more information.

PSAT Examination: Oct. 15th and 18th at your local private/public school.

SAT Examination: Fall from October 1-31; Spring from March 3- April 30.

Additional Assistance:

If you wish to have your student better prepared for the upcoming SAT’s, we are happy to link you with Barron’s (www.barronstestprep.com) for helpful video sessions, diagnostic tests and customized questions based on diagnostics tests. Your student would have access to additional resources for one year, with affordable cost of only $99 to sign up.

Testing with Local Public School:

EA students may be tested at their local public/private school. In order to do so, parents need to contact school's counselor in advance and request testing. The local school should provide further information regarding time of testing and general content of the test.

* Students are generally not required to take state tests as they are designed to test the knowledge of students based on what was taught at the public school. Students in homeschooling or online schooling do not cover identically the same material, thus generally do not need to take state tests. However, we do recommend that you check with your local district or board of education to check on the requirements.

AdvancED Accreditation

AdvancED Accreditation

Our accreditation status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities.
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Anytime Learning

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