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Online Christian School

Ignite Your Students' Passion for Learning with Enlightium Academy

Our education system has gone online. If you homeschool your children, or would like to, consider Enlightium Christian Academy as your partner in private online Christian homeschooling. Enlightium Academy takes the guesswork out of homeschooling for grades 3-12. By using Enlightium's accredited online curriculum, parents no longer have to worry about obtaining teaching credentials, grading assignments or even creating homeschooling curriculums. Enlightium Academy provides all of the necessary materials needed for students to excel in their academic careers.

Online Christian schooling now means students have full access to a deep catalog of standard and college preparatory courses by our award-winning curriculum, certified teachers and a personal academic coach. With a flexible curriculum that allows students to work from home at their own pace, parents can control how much involvement they would like to have in their child’s education.

Enlightium Christian Academy Features:

Teacher Led Individualized Instruction Enroll Anytime Throughout the Year
College Preparatory Curriculum Study at Your Own Pace
Accredited Learning Institution Professional Service and Support From Caring Teachers & Staff
Bible Based Curriculum - King James Version Customized Courses Based On Students' Academic Level
Christ-Centered Academic Coaches A U.S. High School Diploma
Flexible & Convenient Schedule International Access
One-on-One Teacher Support via Email, Phone and/or Video Affordable Education with a Monthly Payment Plan
AP & Honors Courses 24/7 Access to Online Curriculum
Credit Recovery for Part Time & Full Time Students 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Accredited: Our accredited online school meets the highest standards of excellence

advanceded-accreditation-smallEnlightium Academy is an online private school accredited by AdvancED. This accreditation ensures that Enlightium Christian Academy students receive reciprocity of credits, courses, and grade-level placements with schools and universities around the world.  Our accredited status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities, and indicates that our curriculum and teachers are meeting state and U.S. standards. Our accredited status means that our transcripts are recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

Fill out the form on the right to learn more about our pricing, curiculum and how to get started. You can also try our online curriculum today risk free!


AdvancED Accreditation

Our accredited status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities.


Anytime Enrollment

Any time is a good time to start. At Enlightium Academy, you can begin courses whenever you want with our year-long open enrollment option.


Anytime Learning

Learn online from anywhere in the world no matter if you're in Portland or Portugal, and access lessons anytime of the day.


Christian Worldview

Teach your student the values of Christian living with Bible-based curriculum and teachers who promote Godly character.

  • "I've been satisfied with qualifications of outstanding staff and Christian values. The staff is loving, polite, sensitive and responds quickly. I truly do recommend Enlightium Christian Academy to all students."
     -Caroline Chavarria, CA

  • "Enlightium Christian Academy online school has been a wonderfully enriching program. I decided to first enroll in order to take advantage of the accelerated program and finish high school early."
     -Caleb E. Keith, NV
  • "I can grow and excel at a faster pace with no restrictions or limitations. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an online school experience like no other."
     -Caleb E. Keith, NV
  • "Enlightium Christian Academy is truly a blessing to our household. We recommend it to parents in our congregation that are looking to home-school their kids."

     -Michelle Garcia, TX
  • "I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for alternative schooling with a Christian environment, low cost tuition and friendly teachers."
     -Kelly T., MI
  • "I would gladly refer anyone to this school. I researched many online studies for my son Jonathon. He is very pleased and so am I. The staff is very supportive and the courses are excellent."

     -Theresa Key, TN
  • "The curriculum is very dynamic and keeps the student engaged. I think this is great for older students who want the independence but may need some extra help sometimes."

     -Lia R., WI
  • "We enrolled our daughter on a trial basis and loved it so much that now we are considering pulling our 10th grader out of the public school and enrolling him too."
     -Kelly T., MI
  • "I am so grateful for the opportunity for my daughter to finish her last year of high school with Enlightium Christian Academy. She has learned much more with Enlightium Christian Academy than she did in public school."

     -Angela Proffitt, TN
  • "Just a quick note to tell you how pleased and happy my husband and I are with Enlightium Christian Academy. Our boys also love it."

     -Magdalena D., VA
  • "We can count on Enlightium Academy to aid in the education of our children and to strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord. Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job and keep up the good work!"

     -Mrs. Robynn Calloway, OK
  • "What I regret most about Enlightium Christian Academy is that I didn't find it sooner! Our children love the school and really like the teaching techniques. Not only are my children learning, but they are also building a solid relationship with the Lord. "

     -Mrs. Robynn Calloway, OK
  • "This is our first year of homeschooling and we love it! Enlightium Christian Academy has made this process easy for us to understand and to ensure that our daughter is getting the education that we value."

     -Celina H., NM
  • "The site is great, the boys love being on-line versus having to go through books...less mess for us...I am happy, happy, happy...thank you so much...."

     -Magdalena D., VA
  • "We are thankful that we found Enlightium Christian Academy with its excellent cost for all types of families. I like being able to sit with my daughter and read what she is studying and help her in a safe environment."
     -Celina H., NM
  • "We felt lead by the Lord to check out Enlightium Christian Academy. We are so pleased to find this school as the very best option for our son. Thank you, Enlightium Christian Academy, for helping our family!"

     -Chuck & Danielle C., OK
  • "Enlightium Christian Academy is a school that I would highly recommend to any parent who needs a good education for their children. Thank you, Enlightium Christian Academy."

     -Angela Proffitt, TN
  • "I like the fact that somebody is doing the grading, besides me, and I can check every day the boys' progress, which I do. I like that Enlightium Academy sends weekly reports and that I can communicate with the teachers."

     -Magdalena D., VA
  • "We are in full-time ministry and love the fact that our kids can travel with us. They basically can go to school anytime and in any place as long as we have a good internet connection."
     -Pastor Gregory Garcia, TX
  • "I love Enlightium Christian Academy. It is homeschooling that gives accountability from a Christian perspective. I can still help my daughter along with her studies and she feels confident in her work."

     -Lia R., WI
  • "The education is better than in the public school and is creation based. If there is ever something you don't understand, there is messaging and phone numbers to call. The staff is very friendly and willing to help."
     -Kelly T., MI
  • "I love the way Christ and Christianity are taught throughout the entire curriculum. This is definitely a great school to teach our children to live in a healthy Christian way."

     -Celina H., NM
  • "The cost was excellent and our kids, ages sixteen and eleven, loved it. This is our second year with Enlightium and we are very pleased with how staff keeps us informed of our children's progress. God Bless."
     -Chuck Kerr, WV
  • "Thanks to you all who work so hard in order for our children to get a great education and also to keep the parents' abreast of what's going on. Once again, thank you ALL!"

     -Mrs. Krothe, PA
  • "This school was very affordable for my income so I was glad to let my grand-daughter be a part of Enlightium Academy. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants their children to learn at their own pace with a friendly helping hand."

     -Annie Cattledge, MS
  • "I am grateful and I feel safe with the decision I've made for my daughter and myself as to being a part of a great school, Enlightium Christian Academy."

     -Caroline Chavarria, CA