LifePac Books

Enlightium Academy (EA) offers families the option to purchase a supplementary textbook version of the curriculum for students in grades 3-8. The curriculum is called LIFEPAC, and is published by Alpha Omega Publications (AOP). LIFEPAC is ideal for students who do not always have access to the internet or prefer to read the corresponding lessons from books.

The textbook units typically align with the online units, so students can review the assignments with the LIFEPAC books, then log into Ignitia to communicate with teachers and submit answers. As some of the LIFEPAC books may not completely align with the online curriculum, families are encouraged not to mark the books until they have reviewed and compared the books with the “Courses” tab found in Ignitia.


Students in the Bronze, Silver, Silver+ and Gold may order the LIFEPAC books for $300. If less than the standard volume of books are ordered, EA may prorate the amount charged. Students enrolled in the Diamond program receive complimentary LIFEPAC books, but must still request EA to order the books. Please note that students who enroll in/upgrade to the Diamond program, receive their complimentary LIFEPAC books, and then downgrade to another program, may still need to pay for the LIFEPAC books.

To order LIFEPAC books, please fill out this form.