LifePac Books

Enlightium Academy (EA) offers families the option to purchase textbook curriculum for students in grades 3-12 as supplementary material. The curriculum is called LIFEPAC, and is published by Alpha Omega Publications (AOP). The textbook units typically align with the online units, so students can review the assignments with the LIFEPAC books, then log into Ignitia to communicate with teachers and submit answers.

LIFEPAC is ideal for students who do not always have access to the Internet or prefer to read the lessons from books.


EA can provide books for entire courses or individual units for each course. For example, if you would like to order LIFEPAC material for only three courses during the second semester of the school year, EA can fulfill that request.

EA staff can easily determine which books to purchase so that you don’t have to worry about ordering too few or too many. Furthermore, the price will match AOP’s online price, so you won’t be spending more by ordering through EA.

To receive a quote on LIFEPAC books, please fill out this form. A member of our staff will reach out to you by email shortly to inform you of the price and to receive confirmation from you before ordering.