Offline Electives

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Offline electives are electives not taken through Ignitia, the curriculum used by Enlightium Academy. Students in grades PreK–12 can take offline electives, which can include:

  • Physical Education credits, such as soccer, basketball and football. Any recurring activity that meets the following requirements may earn Physical Education credit:
    • 75% comprised of aerobic exercises, such as swimming, dancing, running, etc.
    • 25% conditioning, such as stretching, weight lifting, etc.
    • Please keep accurate record of the activity and time spent, and score the effort and skill level.

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  • Home economics credits, which can be earned by regularly doing the following tasks and incorporating new skills:
    • Cooking a variety of meals at home once a week under parent/guardian supervision. The parent/guardian ensure that the student:
      • Sets up the table.
      • Chooses and plans a meal.
      • Shops and cooks for the meal and considers healthy eating options.
      • Cleans up after the meal.
    • Consistently helping with household chores.

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    • Other electives, such as piano, vocal music, choir, and art; the following requirements must be met:
      • The student’s engagement in the activity must consist of both instruction and practice.
      • A record of daily activity in the subject area and time spent must be faithfully kept.
    • The cost of an offline elective is $50 per 1 semester or 0.5 credit, and $100 per 1 year or 1 credit. If you are interested in taking an offline elective or would like to know if your student’s current extracurricular activities would count as an offline elective, please contact your student’s counselor.

Steps for Taking an Offline Elective

  1. When submitting the application, note in the “Is there anything else we should know?” section that you would like to take an offline elective and what the elective would be.
    1. You can also talk to your counselor at any point in the enrollment process or during the school year.
  2. Your counselor will review your request and inform you whether or not the activity listed can count as an offline elective.
    1. If the activity was approved, the counselor will inform the Accounting Department, and a member of that department will reach out to you with the updated tuition.
  3. During the semester or school year that the offline elective is being taken, keep good records in the Offline Elective Form (found below).
  4. Take at least two pieces of photographic evidence of the student completing the activity.
  5. Two weeks before the end of the semester or school year, turn in the signed and filled out Offline Elective Form.

Submitting the Offline Electives Form

Please download either the High School Offline Elective Form (grades 9–12) or the Primary, Elementary, and Middle School Offline Elective Form (grades PreK–8). You can send the completed form two weeks before the end of the semester or school year using one of the following methods:

  • Text a large, clear picture to the student's counselor
  • Scan and email to the student's counselor
  • Fax to 888-317-6571

Also required will be two pieces of evidence that the student engaged in the required activities. Photographs are the most common forms of evidence; photographs are used for verification purposes and will be stored with the student’s cumulative file. Please talk to your student’s counselor if you cannot or do not wish to send photographs.

The second piece of evidence can be a short written explanation of the elective course and how the student benefited from that activity. Photographs and written accounts can be sent to EA by text, email, or fax.