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Tracking student progress in schoolwork can be a challenge for parents in an online, home-based environment. For this reason, Enlightium Academy (EA) has developed the Progress Department to assist families with students in grades 3–12 in keeping track of student progress. This department’s sole purpose is to help parents keep their students accountable, to promote student success in keeping up with schoolwork, and to ensure compliance with truancy standards as required by our accreditation. Below is the vision and mission statements of the EA Progress Department:

“The Progress Department's goal is to help students become independent and responsible with schoolwork so that they can glorify God through their success. We intend to accomplish this by keeping students accountable through timely and accurate communication about low performance and by constantly improving and optimizing workflows.”

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How Does the Progress Department Work?

The Progress Department tracks students’ progress weekly to ensure students are completing a sufficient amount of work to finish the school year on time. An email notification is sent out to all families of students who completed too few assignments unless the student was excused for that week. If a student continually falls behind without catching up on missed work, the Progress Department will communicate this to the parent(s) via email and phone (depending on the severity of the situation) and eventually take additional steps to keep the student accountable to catching up.

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Balancing Flexibility and Accountability

The Progress Department has several policies in place to help keep students accountable to doing work on a consistent basis and to ensure adequate communication to the family about low progress. Even with these policies in place, many families still enroll with Enlightium Academy because of the flexibility that our school offers to families and students.

Enlightium Academy remains flexible despite these policies in the following ways:

  • Students can work at any time of the day or at any time during the week, for as long as they need in order to keep up and finish the year on time.
  • If a student is unable to work as much as needed during a given week because of illness, travel, or other reasons, simply filling out the form located on this page ahead of time or after the fact will prevent students from incurring any penalties for falling behind as long as the student is keeping up overall and provides sufficient documentation for excessive absences.
  • If coursework is not complete by the allowed deadline, an extension may be granted depending on the situation and deadline.
  • Work is accounted for on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis, so students are only held accountable to doing enough work for the week. This means a student may work more on some days than others as long as enough work is completed.
  • Accommodations are given for families with frequent delays in progress if the situation warrants it and if sufficient documentation is provided (ongoing illness, frequent travel, etc.).

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How Does the Progress Department Deal with Truancy?

As an accredited institution, EA is responsible to hold students accountable to a certain standard regarding their progress. Though we are very flexible and work with families in varying situations, extended periods of extremely low activity without sufficient documentation can result in a student being withdrawn from Enlightium Academy based on our truancy policy.

To prevent students from being withdrawn while they are still attending our school, the Progress Department sends weekly email notices to the family with warnings if a student is at risk of being withdrawn. In addition to these notices, EA counselors reach out to the family by phone after two and three weeks of truant behavior. After numerous attempts to get in contact with the family, if the family does not communicate with EA and the student continues to show truant behavior, the student is withdrawn from EA.

Please be aware that receiving an email about low progress does not mean the student will be withdrawn. Simply reply to the email you receive or contact us by phone and we will be happy to discuss the details with you and find a solution.

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Available Resources for Parents

The Progress Department has many resources that can help parents stay informed, but there are two specific resources described below that have proven especially useful for parents, helping them to effectively monitor their student’s progress.

First of all, the Progress Department offers detailed reports that can provide more information concerning your student’s progress. Reports are provided upon request and can include helpful information such as:

  • Total completed assignments per class
  • Daily login/logout times
  • Times that an assignment was started and submitted
  • Length of time spent to complete any given assignment
  • Length of time spent in the Ignitia curriculum daily
  • Current grades

Another helpful resource is the parent portal. This is an account assigned to the parents of individual students, which provides parents both a general and a detailed view of their student’s progress. At any time the following information is available through this portal:

  • Current grades in each course
  • Grades for individual units and assignments
  • Overall progress in each course
  • Specific due dates for assignments and whether past due dates were met
  • Overdue assignments (if a student is behind)

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Contact Us

General Questions and Generating Reports

If your student needs any help with getting back on schedule, if you would like a report generated, or if you have any questions concerning how to help you keep your student accountable, feel free to contact the Progress Department using the contact information below.

Call: 509-319-2288 option 3
Toll Free: 866-488-4818 option 3

Head of the Progress Department

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or praises for the Progress Department, please send an email to the progress director using the contact information below.

Andrey Karpov

Reporting a Past or Future Absence

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