Credit Recovery

A Proven Way to Get Students Back on Track

Every student needs a helping hand. The Enlightium Academy Credit Recovery Program is crafted to aid students who have fallen behind and need to make up credits to reach graduation. Our credit recovery courses are self-contained and are designed to supplement an existing curriculum. Students can enroll in this program at any time during the year.

How It Works: Overview

A flexible credit recovery solution for grades 5-12

When schools and families are looking for help to get failing students back on track, many find that Enlightium Academy Credit Recovery is the ideal solution that offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Affordable tuition
  • Low impact on school resources

Enlightium Academy Credit Recovery provides coursework that students can complete independently whenever and wherever they need to —at home, at school or on the go. The completed work is submitted to Enlightium Academy for evaluation, saving often scarce school resources. Student performance and an official transcript with credits earned is emailed and mailed to the registered family.

How It Works: Who Can Enroll?

Families and schools work together on a credit recovery solution

Enlightium Academy Credit Recovery accepts enrollments from students who meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be recommended by their school counselor, principal or other authorized school official by a signature on the enrollment application.
  • Students must have been enrolled in a subject, and could not complete that subject or failed it for reasons other than lack of ability (such as lack of effort, excessive absence, etc.).
  • Students must submit a completed enrollment application along with the correct enrollment fee as stated on the application. Payment can be made by credit card, money order or check payable to Enlightium Academy.

Diagnostic testing in the requested subject allows teachers to identify content areas in which students need review, so students who previously failed a course can recover the credits they need to graduate without repeating the entire course.

Tuition: Overview

Full Credit

Recovering a full credit will be priced as a single credit course in any of the available programs:

  • Diamond - $1,000/credit
  • Gold - $500/credit
  • Silver - $300/credit
  • Bronze - $200/credit

Half Credit

Recovering a half credit will be priced at half of the normal credit price in any of the available programs:

  • Diamond - $500/.5 credit
  • Gold - $250/.5 credit
  • Silver - $150/.5 credit
  • Bronze - $100/.5 credit