High School Diploma

high school diploma

To receive an Enlightium high school diploma, students need to earn a minimum of 21–24 credits between grades 9-12, depending on which year they enrolled at EA and if they are working toward a standard or a preparatory/honors diploma. Credits previously earned from another traditional school or homeschool program will transfer to Enlightium Academy based on our credit transfer policy. However, at least four credits must be earned at Enlightium Academy in order to receive a diploma. The student's counselor will assist in determining which courses need to be taken by the student.

Diploma of Graduation:

Enlightium Academy will require the following criteria to be matched or exceeded for a student to receive a diploma of graduation:

Academic Diploma Requirements Required Credits 

 English/Language Arts




 Social Studies




 Fine & Visual Arts


 Physical Education

 Career Tech Ed  1.0  
 Health  0.5  
 Bible*  1.0
 World Language**  2.0
 General Electives  1.0
 Total Credits:  

 *1 Bible credit is required each year that a high school student is enrolled with EA

** World Language credit is required for admissions into four-year universities
Your student’s counselor will help you customize your student’s course selections based on:

  • High school-level work your student has already completed at a different high school or in a homeschool program
  • Interests
  • Future plans, including whether your student plans to go to college or start a career after high school

When a student meets EA graduation requirements, he or she is awarded a high school diploma from Enlightium Academy—an accredited, private-licensed high school!

Homeschool Requirements

Enlightium Academy works with families in all 50 states to have their students enrolled. Any student who is of compulsory age must comply with homeschool requirements dictated by their school district. EA families should check with their state’s requirements to ensure that all requirements are being met.