Discounts for Full-Time Students in PreK-12th Grade

  • Prepayment Discount: 10% off Tuition
  • Monthly Payments: 5 Payments from January to May 2018
  • Family Discounts: 10% off tuition for two students & 20% off if 3 or more students
  • Single Parent Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Active Military/Veteran Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Active Ministry/Missionary Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Buddy Discount: 20% off tuition for both students if enrolled within a 24 hour period and are located within 30 miles of each other
  • Discounts cannot be combined
  • Discounts apply only to full-time students

Prepayment Discount:

If you pay upfront for the entire year (or remainder of the year) you will receive 25% off the total tuition for students with 5 or more courses.

Family Discount:

If you enroll two or more students from your immediate family, you’re eligible for the Enlightium Academy Family Discount of up to 20% reduction on all tuition*.

  • If three or more siblings have the same address and telephone number, and enroll at Enlightium Academy, your family qualifies to receive a 20% reduction in tuition for each student that enrolls*.
  • If two siblings have the same address and telephone number, and enroll at Enlightium Academy, your family qualifies to receive a 10% reduction in tuition for each student that enrolls*.
  • Discounts will not be applied to subsequent enrollments if the family drops below two enrolled students due to withdrawing a student.
  • The reduction will not be applied retroactively.

Discount for active duty US military families.

Enlightium Academy is honored to serve US military families, and we offer a 10% tuition discount to active duty US military families enrolling one or more students.

  • Please enroll by calling us, or complete our online enrollment form. On the form, mention the US military discount.
  • The military discount is available only to active duty military families with military ID cards.

Enlightium Academy wants all US military families to have the opportunity to get a quality education regardless of where in the world they are. You can help us achieve this goal by encouraging other military families to explore whether Enlightium's flexible educational options may work for them.


*Discounts will not be applied to primary school (Prek - 2nd grade) tuition. A student in primary school will count towards the total amount of students to qualify for the family discount, but will not receive the benefits of the family discount.

*Maximum discount is 20% off tuition. If you qualify for a multi-student, active military or missionary discount, please click on the "Custom Enrollment Form" link.

*Discounts are only offered to students enrolling full time for the full year (or the reminder of the year). Discounts do not apply to part-time students.

AdvancED Accreditation

AdvancED Accreditation

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Anytime Learning

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Christian Worldview

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