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Enlightium Academy is a private, online high school that offers a complete selection of core academic and elective courses required for graduation and admission to college. We emphasize critical thinking throughout our online high school courses so that students are prepared for the rigor of college-level academics. We have an outstanding track record of helping students to enter the college or university of their choice and fulfill their academic and career ambitions. Any time is a good time to start so enroll today with our 14-day risk free trial. At Enlightium Academy, you can begin courses whenever you want with our year-long open enrollment.

Why Enlightium Academy?

Why Enlightium Academy?

The Enlightium Academy difference is in the relationships that students cultivate with teachers, school counselors, admissions coordinators, and peers. Enlightium Academy combines all the benefits of a traditional private school with the flexibility of self-paced distance learning.

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Ignitia Curriculum

Employing the latest multi-media techniques including graphics, games, and other activities, Enlightium Academy uses the industry-leading Ignitia™ curriculum that fosters a rich learning environment and is based on a learner-centered model drawing from current educational research. Before you decide to enroll, give our curriculum a test drive to see if it works for you.

Course List Summary       2016-17 Curriculum Catalog

Ready to Demo the Curriculum?

Ready To Get Started?

Enroll year-round. Start studying online and get convenient online academic support based on your need and budget. Our high school academics and counseling services prepare students for successful experiences in college and beyond, ensuring that they have essential 21st Century Skills of time management and self-advocacy. Our tuition is based on support level requirements and ranges between $2,100 to $7,000 per year for grades 9-12 covering 4 quarters. Transfering students that have completed their first 3 quarters with another school will only need to pay for 1 remaining quarter.

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Online High School Tuition Support Options
SilverSilver +GoldDiamond
Teacher-led Individualized Instruction
Teacher-led Grading and Feedback (daily)
Teacher-led Grading (twice a week)        
Parent-led Teaching        
Online-based Curriculum
5 Core Subjects with Electives
Over 43 Career Focused Electives
Christian-based Curriculum - KJV
Individualized Learning Plan
Academic Coaching Support
Record Keeping/Admin Support
Honors High School Courses
AP Courses  $200 fee $100 fee 
NCAA Approved High School Courses
College Preparatory Curriculum
Student Individualized Plan Review & Optimization 1 / semester 1 / quarter 1 / month 2 / month
Teacher Support via Messaging (within 24 hrs)
Priority Email/Messaging Support (within 1 hr)  
Customized Projects based on Student Talents  
Teacher Support via Phone    
Teacher Support via Whiteboard Session    
Teacher Support via Video/Skype      
Extended Support Hours      
Priority Teacher/Admin Support via Phone      
International Student Program      
24x7 Access to Online School
Online Learning Management System
Customer Service and Technical Support
College and Career Counseling via Email
College and Career Counseling via Phone    
Access to Student Social Platform
Accredited Transcripts
Tuition Discounts (up to 25% off)*
Affordable Monthly Payment Plan
14-day Money Back Guarantee
$150 Enrollment Fee Per Student
Annual Tuition for Full-Time Students: Silver  Silver +  Gold Diamond 
Standard High School Tuition $2,100 $2,800 $3,500 $7,000
10 Monthly Payments $210 $280 $350 $700
Prepaid Tuition with 25% Off $1,575 $2,100 $2,625 $5,250

Discounts for Full-Time Students in PreK-12th Grade

  • Prepayment Discount: 25% off Full Year Tuition (2017-18 School Year)
  • Prepayment Discount: 15% off 1 Quarter Tuition (2016-17 School Year)
  • Monthly Payments: 3 Payments from April to June 2017
  • Family Discounts: 10% off tuition for two students & 20% off if 3 or more students
  • Single Parent Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Active Military/Veteran Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Active Ministry/Missionary Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Buddy Discount: 20% off tuition for both students if enrolled within a 24 hour period and are located within 30 miles of each other
  • Discounts cannot be combined
  • Discounts apply only to full-time students

Tuition: $2,100/year
Silver Support Tuition

Silver Support Tuition

Review Course List Summary

Your tuition with applicable discounts will be calculated after the enrollment form is completed. The budgetary pricing below is for transfer students who completed 3 quarters with a previous school.

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Tuition: $2,800/year
Silver Premium Tuition

Silver Premium Tuition

Review Course List Summary

Your tuition with applicable discounts will be calculated after the enrollment form is completed. The budgetary pricing below is for transfer students who completed 3 quarters with a previous school.

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Tuition: $3,500/year
Gold Support Tuition

Gold Support Tuition

Review Course List Summary

Your tuition with applicable discounts will be calculated after the enrollment form is completed. The budgetary pricing below is for transfer students who completed 3 quarter with a previous school.

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Tuition: $7,000/year
Diamond Support Tuition

Diamond Support Tuition

Review Course List Summary

Your tuition with applicable discounts will be calculated after the enrollment form is completed. The budgetary pricing below is for transfer students who completed 3 quarters with a previous school.

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Online High School Electives

Students today need more than the basics to succeed after high school. Ignitia's electives were developed to provide a diverse slate of rigorous online courses that today's families expect from an academic environment. From practical courses including business computer information systems and physical fitness to college preparatory courses such as trigonometry and world languages, students can fill their schedules with courses that appeal to them and meet the needs they require for their future. Some electives are geared toward students with specific needs such as advanced core classes, ACT, HiSET, and GED preparatory courses in core subject areas. All courses are Bible-based and geared toward helping students build a Christian worldview that will stay with them throughout adulthood. Review Electives.

2016-2017 Curriculum Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Enlightium Academy accredited?

Enlightium Academy is a private school accredited by AdvancED. This accreditation ensures that our students receive reciprocity of credits, courses, and grade-level placements with schools and universities around the world. Our accredited status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities, and indicates that our curriculum and teachers are meeting state and U.S. standards. Our accredited status means that our transcripts are recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

Enlightium Academy is accredited, licensed and approved by the following organizations:

How does the content of the Ignitia curriculum compare to LIFEPAC?

Ignitia lesson content was originally drawn from the LIFEPAC curriculum. Ignitia developers have updated the content, rewritten sections, and enriched the material with interactive multimedia such as 3-D animation, video clips, and learning games. Made for today's generation, this flexible, computer-based curriculum offers multiple printing options, a helpful resource center, and an automated "text-to-speech" feature.

How much time do students have to finish the school year?

The school year consists of 180 days, which is about nine months from August 26th to June 4th. Students are required to finish all work assigned within given timeframe. Students enrolled in a one-semester course will have up to 90 days or four and a half months to complete the course. For an additional fee, we offer summer school to those students who need more time to complete the school year.

Can I use a satellite Internet connection if I live in a remote area?

We do not recommend using satellite Internet connections because of frequent reports of difficulty transmitting information to the main server. An ordinary dial-up connection usually works better than a satellite connection. However, if there is no better way, families may try using a satellite connection if they are willing to assume the risk.

Are students only admitted during certain times of the year?

No. We understand that not everyone operates on the same calendar; because of that, we offer rolling enrollment. Rolling enrollment means that you can start your school year at any day or month during the year as long as you fulfill all requirements either by the end of the second semster or summer session. The tuition will be calculated based on the amount of assigned credits.

I do not know if distance learning is for me. May I talk to someone?

Our educational specialists are available Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. Please call 866-488-4818. We look forward to discussing your student's educational needs.

Are students enrolled at Enlightium Academy still in control of their own schedule?

One of the benefits of Enlightium Academy is the flexibility of the schedule. The parent/student has the freedom to change the student's schedule, provided they stay within the deadline for the course. Parents/students do not need to notify the Academy of a school day that has been missed. If the student will not be working for a week or more, we ask that you inform our Hotline Support staff.

Are there specific times in the day when students need to login?

No, students can log in at any time of the day. However, teacher support is only available during school hours of 9 AM - 7 PM EST.

Are students required to use any textbooks?

The curriculum is online based for grades 3-12; there is no requirement for any additional textbooks. However, the curriculum for preschool to 2nd grade is textbook based.

How do you work with students that have special needs?

Our program allows students to study on their own time and at their own pace, which helps to accommodate many special situations. In addition, our certified teachers are trained to work with students from a variety of backgrounds and with varying educational needs. However, we recognize that each individual is unique and may need a customized educational program. The placement exam will help us determine how we will customize their curriculum to fill any gaps they may have.

If you have a particular situation you are concerned with, your best course of action is to speak with our Academic Advisors at 866-488-4818.

Does my student have to be connected to the Internet while doing schoolwork?

The Ignitia curriculum is online based and requires internet connection at all times.

Will your program prepare students for college?

One of the main goals of designing the Ignitia curriculum was to equip students with the necessary knowledge and work habits for a challenging post-secondary academic environment. The amount of content required to be mastered daily and difficulty level of tests and quizzes were fine-tuned to match the expectations of most competitive four year institutions in the country.

Can students use other curriculum?

All students must use the Enlightium Academy Online curriculum—Ignitia. High school students may, for an additional fee, include outside courses. Outside courses must be pre-approved by a counselor and not be offered in Ignitia.

Do you know my state's distance learning requirements?

Certain states view enrollment in any form of distance education as "homeschooling." Other states recognize distance education institutions as accredited schools. It is the responsibility of the parent to be familiar with the education laws in their home state in order to know how enrollment in Enlightium Academy Online is interpreted by their state. You may contact your local school district for more information.

Does Enlightium Academy offer achievement testing?

Measures of Academic Progress in grades 3-8
Enlightium Academy offers enrolled students the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) test through the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). MAP is a nationally normed and accepted achievement test delivered to enrolled students through the home computer. During the first year of enrollment, achievement testing is done in April. Parents are notified about the test one month in advance by our office.

High School Measurement of Achievement: PSAT & SAT
Enlightium Academy high school students take PSAT in October for grades 10-11 and SAT for grades 11-12 in spring. It is parent's responsibility to help their student register for PSAT and SAT at least one month in advance at www.collegeboard.com.

What if a student is not able to grasp academic concepts and require additional help?

Enlightium Academy Teachers will answer academic questions for your student in the Ignitia program using the message system and the problem notepad. Between our well-written curriculum, the Enlightium teacher, and our Hotline Support educators, students will receive as much help as necessary.

How quickly can students work through curriculum?

While there is flexibility in doing schoolwork at home, Enlightium Academy requires approximately 180 school days of instruction for each school year. It is especially important to meet these requirements at the high school level in order to receive credit. Students can complete their courses over a shorter period of time by occasionally increasing hours of study, working on the weekends, or adding a summer session. Students usually spend about 45 minutes to an hour per subject per day.

How long will it take to get started after enrollment?

Normally it takes about a week to get started on the coursework. We will assign the placement exam within 1-3 business days and upon receiving the transcript, we'll be able to assign the required courses.

Does Enlightium offer AP or Honors Program?

Yes, Enlightium Academy offers honors program for grades 7-12 and AP courses for grades 11-12. Honors/AP courses demand the highest level of participation, effort and quality from students. This program requires additional emphasis on higher-level thinking and explores curriculum at greater depths and levels of complexity. The AP Program, allows students to participate in a college level course and possibly earn college credit while still in high school. Students who score 75% or higher on entrance testing will be considered for this program. Upon registration, students will be given an option to opt out of the Advanced Placement or Honors Program.

If a student is failing classes in his or her current school, how can Enlightium Academy help them?

Enlightium Academy offers Remedial Program that is designed to help students who are having problems with understanding the basics of core subjects. These classes act as a safety net for struggling students, allowing them to work at the level they are on, rather than letting them fail on the level they are expected to be. The main goal of the Remedial Program is to accelerate the student gradually to a Regular Program.

How can Enlightium Academy help a student average abilities excel?

For students who score 50% or higher on entrance tests, Enlightium Academy offers a Regular Program which is academically challenging and designed to develop all necessary skills for a competitive post-secondary environment.

How does Enlightium Academy help gifted students?

Our honors program allows us to challenge gifted students by placing them in a faster paced course. They will gain a broader level of knowledge in whichever subject they are enrolled in the honors program.

Are there any fees for obtaining a Diploma for graduating seniors?

There is a $50 fee for an Enlightium Academy Diploma and issuing the official transcript. It is a one time fee that should be paid by mid June.

Is the Bronze package available for students with English as a Second Language (ESL)?

Unfortunately, the Bronze package is not available for ESL students.

What is the maximum age a student can be to earn their high school diploma?

Most U.S. states will only allow students to work on their high school diploma until their 21st birthday. You will have to check with your state to see what the maximum age is in your area.

AdvancED Accreditation

AdvancED Accreditation

Our accreditation status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities.
Anytime Learning

Anytime Learning

Learn online from anywhere in the world no matter if you're in San Antonio, Texas or Syndey, Australia.
Anytime Enrollment

Anytime Enrollment

Any time is a good time to start. At Enlightium Academy, you can begin courses whenever you want with our year-long open enrollment.
Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview

Teach your student the values of Christian living with Bible-based curriculum and teachers who promote Godly character.