Part Time & Summer School

Get ahead or explore areas of interest during summer or any time of year.

Enlightium Academy courses are convenient and flexible, giving students the opportunity to get ahead on courses they want to pursue. Students can take their classes anywhere they have an Internet connection, leaving more time for outside interests.

Almost all of our courses, including some AP and Honors classes, can be pursued on a part-time or summer basis to receive credit from the student’s current school. We offer a wide variety of high-quality, college preparatory courses that include both core subjects and electives. Teachers work with students one-on-one, offering a personalized, individualized, and teacher-guided course of study.

Enlightium Academy has an excellent record of its courses being accepted for both high school credit and for admission to colleges.

How it Works: Part time & Summer Enrichment

To enroll in a course, students needs to meet prerequisites, and must obtain their school’s approval to receive credit. Students should contact their school guidance counselor regarding the transfer of Enlightium Academy summer course credits. Our admissions coordinators will provide students with the forms and documentation they need to obtain approval from their current school.

The student’s primary school is responsible for maintaining student records and updating transcripts to reflect courses completed through Enlightium Academy. Upon request, the registrar of Enlightium Academy will forward an official transcript of all courses completed through our program.

Part-time students taking a full year course or two single semester courses pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $150. Enroll today and try our school risk free for 14 days. Tuition is 100% refundable if you are not satisfied with our program during the 14 day period.

Part-Time Tuition = $350/credit


Elementary School: Grades 3-6
Middle School: Grades 7-8
High School: Grade 9-12
Over 40 Electives
Quarterly Progress Reports
Academic Advisor
Technical Support
Teacher-Led Program* (For Academic Support)
Teacher-Led Daily Assignment Grading
Teacher Support via Messaging and Email
Teacher Support via Phone
Teacher Support via Screenshare/Whiteboard Sessions
Standard Support Within 24 hours
Record Keeping/Administrative Support
Accredited Transcript
International Students*
$150 Enrollment Fee Per Student*
Cost per Full Credit:
Cost per Half Credit:

Please contact an admissions coordinator to learn more about our part-time and summer enrichment offerings.


* Teacher availability ranges from 8 am - 4 pm PST Monday - Friday. Please check with each of your student's teachers for his or her hours of availability.

* 50% of the enrollment fee per student is refundable within 3 business days if the enrollment process cannot be completed based on circumstances outside your control. The enrollment fee is non-refundable after 3 business days.  

icon-accreditationAdvancED Accreditation

Our accredited status validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities.

icon-calendarAnytime Enrollment

Any time is a good time to start. At Enlightium Academy, you can begin courses whenever you want with our year-long open enrollment.

icon-timeAnytime Learning

Learn online from anywhere in the world no matter if you're in Portland or Portugal, and access lessons anytime of the day.

icon-bibleChristian Worldview

Teach your student the values of Christian living with Bible-based curriculum and teachers who promote Godly character.