Our Team and Academic Support

Admissions/Registrar Team:

The EA Admissions Department starts the initial process of onboarding students. They coordinate with parents and the student’s previous school to collect all necessary documentation: report cards for grades 3-8, transcripts for grades 9-12, health records, IEPs, etc. (as applicable to the student) in order to finalize the student’s enrollment at Enlightium Academy (EA). The admissions team also assigns placement (entrance) tests which, in conjunction with the provided records, will be used by the student’s counselor to determine the appropriate courses for the student.

The EA Registrar Department manages students’ records, verifies the student’s enrollment, and releases records to receiving schools and report cards/transcripts to the parents. They import transfer grades into the Ignitia platform and EA’s grading software.

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Accounting Team:

The EA accounting team provides families with annual or monthly payment options, schedules payments, and communicates via email at least three days prior to the scheduled charge date. Payment dates are flexible and can be adjusted upon request.

Counseling Team:

The EA counselors review and evaluate a wide variety of the incoming students’ reports: report cards, transcripts, placement (entrance) test scores, and any additional documentation (health records/IEPs), and collaborate with parents on developing an individualised academic plan, high school 4-year plan, career guidance, and assistance with college admission. In addition, EA certified counselors provide support for strategic intervention and/or crisis counseling.

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EA teachers genuinely care about the success of each student and so reach out proactively as students progress through the curriculum. Teachers also leverage technology to provide customized video explanations for commonly asked questions so they can focus on addressing gaps in the students’ knowledge individually and in groups. Each teacher uploads supplementary examples, videos, and explanations to an exclusive digital library which coincides with the lessons and units of the curriculum. EA teachers work with each student individually and communicate directly within the curriculum questions. Depending on the package selected, phone support is provided as well as step-by-step demonstration during a screen sharing session. 

At Enlightium Academy, a strong emphasis is placed on student’s ability to write. Our teachers hold students to a high standard, yet provide the tools needed to succeed. Additionally, students have multiple attempts on certain assignments to achieve a mastery learning. Students are provided with opportunities to receive a partial credit on quizzes and alternate tests, if applicable. Projects can also be tailored depending on the students’ needs; video demonstrations may be given, if materials are not readily available.

Teachers aim to develop independent and motivated students who can display the necessary skills to self-educate and take initiative in their education. To achieve this end, teachers encourage students to make use of every resource provided to them.

Registrar Team

Progress Department:

The EA Progress Department provides families with regular communication regarding their student’s progress through class assignments. The team helps parents to keep their student accountable by positive and/or negative reinforcements. Each student is accountable for completing assigned work within a week but provided with additional flexibility for a reasonable amount of excused absences depending on the circumstances. EA counselors may be informed of potential concerns and for further follow-up. A limited number of extensions may be provided per counselor’s approval.

Technical Support:

Students and parents can access Ignitia Technical Support at 877-251-6662 Monday–Friday from 7am to 5pm CT. Enlightium Academy also provides a database of frequently asked questions, system requirements, and an Ignitia Troubleshooting Techniques Handbook. If technical issues remain unresolved, EA faculty and staff can help investigate and provide alternative steps to work around the technical issues.

Parent Responsibility:

Parents are part of the Enlightium Academy team in ensuring students have a conducive learning environment at home, stay on track, and read the communications sent from EA. Parents can request a parent portal account and may request detailed reports about student activity and time spent to aid in supervision by emailing progress@enlightiumacademy.com or calling 866-488-4818 option 3. Parents can help keep their students accountable by installing monitoring software, such as ActivTrak for free or Hubstaff at a small cost. Parents are also encouraged to communicate any service deficiencies such as quality of teacher responses and communication delays to EA administration so expectations can be met and exceeded. Within two weeks after enrollment, parents will be invited to a private EA Family Alliance Facebook group so parents can engage with other families to find better ways to homeschool their student.

Student Responsibility:

EA students play an important part in their education. To succeed in an online learning environment, students must be diligent with their time and take an active role in ensuring they learn the material by reading the lesson entirely, watching the videos, taking notes, asking questions, and reviewing teachers’ feedback along with the solutions to previously completed assignments. 

A standard school day for a full-time student requires 5–7 hours, at least 30 minutes to an hour per subject for mastery learning. Students should treat their online assignments similarly to a traditional school and have a daily planner that includes time for learning and other activities. There is no homework in online settings since all work is incorporated into daily assignments.

A student orientation course is provided to all new students during the admission process and should be referenced throughout the year to ensure success in an online learning environment. Additionally, students should leverage the digital tools available to them to schedule breaks and utilize eye strain reducing tools like F.lux. Other features can also be utilized within the curriculum platform, such as a text to speech tool, which can also translate into many languages. Students may also engage with the student council to interact with other students in our social platform Enlightium Social. Monthly Bible studies are also a great way for students to socialise within guided group of EA students across the United States.