Concurrent Enrollment

BIOL 1040: Environmental Science

Offered to grades 11-12 (and high-achieving 10th graders with counselor approval)
1 Credit (EA) // 3 Credits (NNU)

  • Completion of Biology with a C or better
  • Completion of Algebra I with a C or better

In Environmental Science, students dive into examining the natural world and how we, as humans, interact with the world around us. The course opens by exploring the nature of science and how new ideas are generated and tested. After laying that foundation, the course goes on to examine earth systems, species interactions, biodiversity, conservation, agriculture, toxicology, water quality, and sustainability.

Throughout the course, students are given assignment questions that require them to examine environmental issues from multiple perspectives; these questions are designed to challenge students to examine environmental issues critically and evaluate evidence. Students will also be asked to make connections between the concepts they are studying and events going on in the world, often by watching news clips. In addition, students will be asked to make connections between the concepts they are learning and their local and national communities. The ultimate goal of Environmental Science is to equip students to examine environmental evidence objectively and with sound reasoning.

Topics Discussed:

  • Interpret scientific data and studies
  • Explain the interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem
  • Describe the pathways through which energy is cycled
  • Assess the ecological impact of human activities
  • Examine methods for reducing pollution
  • Demonstrate methods for increasing sustainability

To receive NNU—General Education requirements—credit, a student must earn a grade of C- or better. However, the student would still receive credit from Enlightium Academy if they pass the course.

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