Concurrent Enrollment

HIST 1040: The World and the West II

Offered to Grades 11-12 (and high-achieving 10th graders with counselor approval)
1 Credit (EA) // 3 Credits (NNU)

Required Purchases List

The World and the West II is designed to evaluate and examine the historical tendencies in socio-cultural and geo-political settings of eastern and western cultures from ca. 1550’s to the present. This course will highlight the political and cultural systems of different countries, and their aspirations for self-determination and independence, in light of foreign influence.

Students will learn to historically authenticate and evaluate primary evidence and documents and comprehensively evaluation the historical framework. Students will also learn how to interpret human encounters through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Upon completion of this course, students should have learned:

  • The trends of civilization from 1550’s to the present
  • The significant political and economic transformations and major cultural and scientific events in Europe during the Renaissance
  • The major historical and political events of the 20th century, including the two World Wars and the Cold War
  • Human encounters and interaction through a biblical worldview

Required Purchases

ISBN Title Price
978-199746538 Atlas of World History $29

To receive NNU—General Education requirements—credit, a student must earn a grade of C- or better. However, the student would still receive credit from Enlightium Academy if they pass the course.

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