Concurrent Enrollment

PSYC 1550: Introduction to Psychology

1 Credit (Enlightium) // 3 Credits (NNU)
Available to Grades 11–12 (and high-achieving 10th graders with counselor approval)

This course is writing-intensive and offers students a unique opportunity to not only earn college credit in psychology but to learn and grow as a person. It is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings from a biblical, Christian perspective. Therefore, the naturalistic viewpoint that undergirds much of modern psychology is rejected in favor of a perspective that affirms both the physical (i.e., body) and non-physical (i.e., soul) dimensions of human beings. Human beings are a biological, psychosocial, spiritual unity; if any of these are ignored, then an aspect of God’s creation is being neglected.

Psychology is of great value for any Christian, especially leaders and future leaders, who desire to better understand other people. Understanding paves the way for empathy which is an important ingredient in genuine, heartfelt love. This course has the potential to benefit the student in friendships, relationships with parents, the workplace, school, a future marriage, and the like. In addition, students will have the opportunity to connect the ideas they are studying with everyday life.

Topics Discussed:

  • Various schools of thought in psychology over the past 150 years
  • Biological basis for behavior and the mental life
  • Motivation and emotion
  • How humans develop throughout the various stages of life
  • Consciousness, language, and intelligence
  • Different theories of personality
  • Abnormal behavior and various forms of treatment
  • How the social environment affects our behavior, thought-processes, and development

To receive NNU—General Education requirements—credit, a student must earn a grade of C- or better. However, the student would still receive credit from Enlightium Academy if they pass the course.

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