High School French III Fluency

Offered to Grades 9-12
1 credit (PeakPlatform)

Prerequisites: High School French I Fluency and High School French II Fluency

Students continue from High School French II Fluency by building on and expanding listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Frequent use of authentic videos, images, audio, and text provide greater contextualization of key learning concepts and cultural information relevant to francophone countries and communities.

The course follows a modular design to allow for greater flexibility and pacing in both fully online and blended environments and teachers are able to search for specific lessons and activities as well as authentic media. A wide range of activities engages students to continue to develop metacognitive strategies by processing authentic input in order to produce both spoken and written French. Task-based projects allow for individual and collaborative creation, negotiation, and presentation within the target language.

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Silver Silver+ Gold Platinum Diamond
Grades 3-5: Chinese^, French, German^, Spanish (Middlebury) $750 per semester
$1,250 per year
Grades 6-8: Chinese^, French, German^, Latin^, Spanish (Middlebury) $750 per semester
$1,250 per year
Grades 9-12: Chinese^, French, AP French^, German^, Latin^, Spanish, AP Spanish^ (Middlebury) $750 per semester
$1,250 per year

^FuelEd course—response times may vary.

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