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Why Start Microschooling with Enlightium?

The Enlightium Micro School option is a program developed in response to a growing demand from parents to provide daily lecture-based support for students in grades 3-12. Through this program, parents can partner with Enlightium in forming a micro school, which is a small group of students that share instructional time from their teachers. Students may choose to join the instructional time remotely via Zoom or together as a group under adult supervision. 

Daily lectures should be pre-scheduled for the year. The students will connect via the provided link every school day at the scheduled time for the daily instruction from an Enlightium teacher. The teacher’s lecture includes instruction, explanation of how to do the assignments, working out some problems, and an opportunity for questions, similar to a brick and mortar school experience. 

Instructional time can be scheduled in increments of 30 minutes per subject per day. Each micro school may choose to utilize their allotted lecture time in whatever way they choose. Students within the in-person micro school option can get an additional level of personalization such as selecting the curriculum of their choice. 

Lecture time is scheduled as a 4-day week, available Monday through Thursday, based on Enlightium’s school calendar and the teacher’s office hours. There is no makeup time for missed pre-scheduled lectures. 

Enlightium Micro Schools are available for up to 5 students per group within the same grade level.  *The annual tuition below includes a 25% prepayment discount and the non-discounted monthly option is divided over 10 months. 

Remote Micro School (Live Lectures via Zoom)

# of Students Lecture Minutes Grades 3-5 $/Student Grades 6-8 $/Student Grades 9-12 $/Student
5 / Teacher 75/day

or $500/month

or $600/month
or $700/month 
4 / Teacher 75/day
or $775/month 
or $875/month 
or $975/month 
3 / Teacher 75/day
or $867/month 
or $967/month 
or $1,067/month 
2 / Teacher 75/day
or $1,050/month 
or $1,150/month 
or $1,250/month 
1 / Teacher 75/day
or $1,600/month
or $1,700/month
or $1,800/month

In-Person Micro School (Live Lectures in a Home Setting)

# of Students Lecture Minutes Grades K-5 $/Student Grades 6-8 $/Student Grades 9-12 $/Student
5 / Teacher 180/day
or $1,000/month
or $1,100/month
or $1,200/month 
4 / Teacher 180/day
or $1,250/month
or $1,350/month
or $1,450/month
3 / Teacher  180/day
or $1,500/month 
or $1,600/month 
or $1,700/month
2 / Teacher  180/day
or $2,000/month
or $2,100/month
or $2,200/month
1 / Teacher  180/day
or $3,500/month
or $3,600/month
or $3,700/month

Students do not need to be in the same grade level as long as the in-person micro school is for a single family.

Cancelations and refunds are not available for the micro school offering unless the other students in the micro school pod agree to pay the higher tuition rate per student for the remainder of the year or a new student can join the pod to keep the pricing the same.

Have more than 5 students? Take a look at our co-op school: Co-Op Program

More information about forming an Enlightium Micro School can be requested by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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