Tutoring Sessions

Enlightium Academy has discontinued the tutoring minutes Add-On.

If your student would benefit from additional channels of teacher support, consider a premium teacher support package: Gold, Diamond, or Sapphire Live.

   Gold  Diamond Sapphire Live
Grade Levels 3-12 3-12


Standard Teacher / Student Messaging Response Times** Max 2 Hours Max 1 Hour Max 1 Hour
Teacher Grading Response Times** Less Than 72 Hours Average 24 Hours Less Than 24 Hours
Teacher Support via Phone Standard Priority Priority
Teacher Support via Whiteboard/Screenshare per month 2 Hours Unlimited*** Unlimited***
Teacher Support via Face-to-Face Video Chat N/A
Live Sessions Invited to attend regular live sessions Invited to attend regular live sessions Not applicable; Sapphire Live includes daily classes for each core subject
Tuition See Gold Tuition See Diamond Tuition See Sapphire Live Tuition

*For the 2022-2023 school year, the Sapphire Live Program is available to grades 3-8. For the 2023-2024 school year, Enlightium plans to extend the Sapphire Live Program to grades 3-12.

**During Office Hours (8am – 7pm EST)

***Teachers work to help students become successful independent learners; teaching is twofold: primarily to help students comprehend academic concepts in order to master the material and secondarily to foster independent growth within students so that students take ownership of their education, learning how to learn, and rely less on others over time when mastering new concepts.

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