Thank you for enrolling with Enlightium Academy!

We're excited that you’ve enrolled with us this school year! Please bookmark this page for future reference during both the enrollment process and while you are enrolled at Enlightium Academy (EA).

The enrollment process typically takes 1–2 weeks, though there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process. During this time, please complete steps 1–8 as listed below.

Step 1: Fill out and send us the Records Release Form (RRF). We will send the form to your previous school so they can release the student’s official records to us. Please use one of the following methods to send us the RRF:

Step 2: If you have the student’s current grades, official or unofficial transcript send those to us as well. You can upload, text, email or fax it to EA using one the methods listed above. When we give the previous school the EA Records Release Form, it instructs the school to send your grades and other records to us. This typically takes 3–5 business days, though it may take several weeks. On average, the enrollment process is 4–8 days shorter when you send EA your previous grades!

Step 3: Complete the Placement Tests. EA Placement Tests are provided to help determine, along with your transcripts, which grade’s curriculum will be assigned to you. You will receive the curriculum login credentials via email within 1 business day of completing the application.
  • There are two tests, and each takes about an hour to complete.
  • EA Placement Tests should be completed within three days of receipt.

Counselors cannot begin creating your schedule until the EA Placement Tests are complete, transcripts have been received and, if applicable, other documentation reflecting your study skills (Special Education, IEP, ELL, etc.). Documents can be sent to EA by uploading, text, email or fax, as listed above.

Step 4: Complete the Student Orientation course. The Student Orientation course is beneficial for new students to understand how to use Ignitia (the online curriculum used by EA). With the Student Orientation course, you will learn how to navigate the curriculum, communicate with teachers, and more.

Step 5: Review your grade level equivalent courses on our website for an idea of what material will be covered and to see if there are any required purchases.

Step 6: Review the Family Handbook while your counselor prepares courses. The counselor may contact you if he or she has any questions or recommendations concerning your schedule.

Part-time students will need to pay the tuition up front. Full-time students may choose to pay the tuition in monthly payments; the Accounting Department will reach out to you with an estimate of what those payments will be. This may be 1-2 weeks after enrolling. The final tuition amount, which is determined by the number of credits the counselor assigns, will be emailed within one week of courses being assigned. If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of our prepayment discount, please email

Once classes are assigned, you will be notified by your counselor via email that you may begin your studies.

EA Staff

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