Enrollment Form Terms and Agreements

The following terms are between Enlightium Academy (EA), and any stakeholders such as parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student(s) being enrolled. By submitting this enrollment form, the students will be considered enrolled at EA and the registration process will begin.

terms and conditions 6

I(we) understand that each subject within the curriculum is Christian-based and agree to my (our) student completing all religious sections of the curriculum, including the Bible course, unless otherwise approved by EA Administration. I (we) understand that that Christian principles are interwoven in all subjects.

Enlightium Academy Statement of Faith

I (we) understand that faculty and staff may model the following beliefs when interacting with students implicitly or explicitly: 

  1. We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God and is the only rule for faith and practice.
  2. We believe in one God who exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are co-equal, co-eternal, and co-essential.
  3. We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried and rose again.
  4. We believe that He ascended and is seated at the Father's right hand where He now intercedes for all true believers.
  5. We believe the Holy Spirit has come to convict the world of sin; that He comes to teach and guide believers into all truth; that He permanently indwells every true believer in Christ; that He wants to fill, control and empower each believer for service.
  6. We believe that man was created in the image of God, but in Adam's fall, every person is a sinner both by birth and by practice.
  7. We believe that every person must be born again, in order to be forgiven of his sin and saved from eternal separation from God.
  8. We believe that the gift of eternal life is available to all men, and that those who receive Christ by faith are regenerated by the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God.
  9. We believe that the privilege and responsibility of every Christian is to grow into spiritual maturity through obedience to the word of God and the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  10. We believe that the true church is one body, composed of all believers, with Jesus Christ as head. We believe water baptism by submersion and the Lord's Supper are scriptural ordinances to be observed by the church today.
  11. We believe in the bodily Resurrection of Christ, His imminent return, and the resurrection of both the just and unjust.
  12. We believe in the imminent and bodily Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will come again—not to save, but to judge the wicked and reward the righteous, and to set up his eternal kingdom.

terms and conditions 5


I (we) understand the importance of my (our) commitment and involvement to ensure success for my (our) student. I (we) agree to oversee the student's study behavior by means of the parental account (which is available upon request) or through the student account, and to stay connected to my (our) email for weekly academic-related news from EA.

I (we) understand that EA’s curriculum is a work-at-your-own-pace curriculum. All work must be finished by the official last day of a given school year, unless otherwise approved by EA Administration. A work-at-your-own-pace schedule means that students have the option to spend more time to complete any given assignment, including tests and quizzes, as long as the student does not fall behind schedule on a bi-weekly basis. This also means that students can work at any point in the day and any time during the week without specific restraints on how much time or work needs to be completed during any given day. Likewise, the student can take additional time during the week, such as evenings and weekends, to catch up on or work ahead in any given course. Doing this, the student can finish the school year early if desired. The student can also take breaks as needed, as opposed to working for hours without break or having to complete an assignment in a single sitting.

Even though the student can work at his or her own pace, the student is expected to complete a predetermined amount of work each assigned week. Likewise, all work must be completed by the official last day of a given school year, unless otherwise approved by EA Administration. Students will be monitored to see if they are keeping up with their weekly allotment of assignments.

I (we) understand that mere enrollment in EA does not guarantee credit for the current grade level. I (we) understand that all high school students are required to finish all first semester course work by the assigned deadline in order to receive credit. If the coursework is not finished by the assigned deadline, the student will receive zeros for all incomplete work, which may result in a failing grade or a loss of credit, unless otherwise approved by EA Administration based on special circumstances.

I (we) understand that, unless excused, all unfinished assignments will be counted as incomplete and given zeros on the report cards at the end of the semester for grades 9–12 and at the end of the year for grades 3–8.

I (we) understand that a new enrollment form needs to be submitted every time my (our) student begins a new grade. For most students this will be during the standard 10-month school year. For students who choose to complete 2 years in 1 year (ex: completing 9th and 10th grade in 12 months), one enrollment form will be submitted for each grade. Every time an enrollment form is submitted, an enrollment fee will apply.

The parents/guardians of students enrolled in the Bronze Program are to read, sign and submit the EA Bronze Program Parent Agreement Form. This form covers the responsibilities of parents/guardians to ensure success for their Bronze Program student. These responsibilities include assisting the student if he or she has questions about coursework and logging into the parent portal weekly for important messages from EA. The form will be provided to Bronze Program parents/guardians shortly after enrollment.

I (we) understand that it is recommended that I (we) create a learning environment for my (our) student, where the student may be able to work on schoolwork in comfort and away from distraction.

I (we) agree to EA's plagiarism policies as discussed in the EA Family Handbook. I (we) agree to take the appropriate precautions to ensure that my (our) student does not plagiarize. I (we) understand that it is my (our) responsibility to familiarize myself with the EA Family Handbook. I (we) understand that Enlightium Academy reserves the right to update the EA Family Handbook at any point in the school year and that changes will be noted in the “Policy Updates” section at the end of the handbook.

I (we) understand that if my child would like to compete in a sport at the collegiate level, the student’s counselor must be informed via the enrollment form or email so that NCAA approved courses are assigned.

I (we) understand that AdvancEd is a conglomerate of regional accrediting organizations; a partial list of colleges EA students have been accepted can be found at on the College Acceptance page. I (we) understand that each college has its own admissions requirements and should check with the college or university of my (our) choice to investigate any special requirements that they may have for students seeking an online high school diploma.

terms and conditions 4


I (we) agree to oversee my (our) student's study habits and understand that it is my (our) responsibility to make sure my (our) student(s) spends enough time to complete all assignments on a weekly schedule (about 30 minutes – 1 hour per assignment during school days). A credit may not be awarded if the minimum hourly requirement is not met. Additionally, I (we) will ensure our student(s) does not cheat or help others to cheat.

I (we) understand that it is my (our) responsibility as parent(s) to be aware of my (our) student’s progress within the assigned curriculum. I (we) understand that the EA Progress Department will track my (our) student’s progress and send notices as needed to the parent’s/guardian’s email, phone, and/or standard mail. I (we) agree to notify the EA Progress Department of any changes to my (our) student’s attendance before an expected absence and as soon as possible during an unexpected absence. If my (our) student will be absent for more than one week or is continuously unable to complete enough work due to illness or other excusable reasons, I (we) understand that it is my (our) responsibility to provide appropriate documentation to the Progress Department to avoid any penalties per EA’s attendance policies.

I (we) understand that EA reserves the right to assign additional examinations and/or assignments, in case of suspicion, before credit is awarded, to ensure that cheating has not taken place. Verification of cheating evidence may be based on the following: amount of time taken to complete coursework, blank assignments and/or projects, and other evidence of system abuse/lack of effort.

I (we) understand that EA reviews my (our) student’s activity in the curriculum weekly to make sure that he/she is completing enough assignments to stay on track and will send me a notice by e-mail if my (our) student’s activity is not satisfactory.

Enlightium Academy reserves the right to deny enrollment to any family or student(s). In the event that enrollment is denied, an explanation may or may not be provided. The enrollment fee and tuition paid for the school year in question will be refunded.

terms and conditions 3


I (we) agree to the Withdrawal Policy, which states that for grades 3–12 a 30% withdrawal fee will be applied on my (our) remaining prorated tuition if my (our) student is withdrawn more than 14 days after beginning coursework, whether initiated by myself (us) or EA administration due to lack of payment, low academic progress, low attendance, or failure to comply with EA policies. The fee will not apply to a prearranged partial-year enrollment.

I (we) understand that if a primary school student (grades PreK–2) withdraws, the tuition can only be refunded for unmarked books with no wear and tear within 30 days of the invoice date. For 100% refund, items must be returned and received within 30 days of the invoice date. After 30 days, a 20% restocking fee is deducted from your refund. No refunds are given 60 days after the invoice date. An additional 5% fee is applied to orders when box sets are returned without all items. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

I (we) understand that as an accredited school, EA abides by truancy policy and is obligated to withdraw a student who has not been active in the curriculum for more than four weeks (30 days) without a proper written excuse, including, but not limited to, serious health issues or a death in the family.

In the event that I (we) choose to withdraw my (our) student(s) from Enlightium Academy for any reason, I (we) am responsible to notify the EA admissions team at admissions@enlightiumacademy.com or by filling out the withdrawal form on EA’s website.

I (we) understand that in the event of requesting records from EA, 2-3 business days may be required to prepare and send records to my (our) student’s next school.

terms and conditions 2

Enlightium Academy Billing

I (we) authorize Enlightium Academy to electronically charge my (our) debit/credit account for tuition, as outlined below, and, if necessary, to electronically charge my (our) debit/credit account to correct an erroneous transaction or to send the account to a debt collections agency if accounts are determined uncollectible. The following information may be required: debit/credit card information or banking account information (savings/checking account, depository name, routing number, and account number). I (we) agree that the transactions I (we) authorize comply with all applicable laws.

I (we) understand that the first tuition payment will be made with the card on record three days after the enrollment form is submitted. The amount charged will be based on information provided in the enrollment form such as the student’s grade and program chosen. If the final tuition differs than what the enrollment form states, the difference will be communicated to the family via email and remaining payments adjusted accordingly.

I (we) understand that my (our) student will be assigned the recommended coursework to progress toward graduation and that graduation requirements must be met in order to graduate. I (we) understand that the standard full-time student tuition is calculated based on grade level, and will be prorated based on how much work is assigned within each class. If enrolling as a part-time student, the part-time student cost per credit is applicable.

I (we) understand that if I would like to start the standard school year earlier than the official first day of school, an additional service charge of 5% per month of my total tuition will be added to my payment plan; adding 15%, 10%, or 5% if starting in June, July, or August respectively.

I (we) understand that tuition payments are based on a standard tuition amount and that it can be split into monthly installments. Per approval, EA may allow payments to extend past the last day of the school year, to keep the payments affordable for families, but will result in records being held until the full balance is paid. An initial declined transaction will be reprocessed daily for 3 additional attempts. Families are given 10 total days from the initial scheduled payment date to make a payment or request an arrangement, to avoid student account deactivation. A $25 late fee will be due before student account(s) can be reactivated. Once deactivated, families have 15 days to pay, make arrangements, or be withdrawn, at which point students may only be reinstated upon approval, and an additional $50 reinstatement fee will be due prior to reinstatement.

I (we) understand that Enlightium offers a standard level of support for a set period of time. Also, I (we) understand that Enlightium reserves the right to charge fees for additional services beyond the support level and/or for extending the duration of services offered (i.e. early start, summer school). Any additional fees will be communicated via email.

I (we) understand that after 14 days of my (our) student starting courses, there will be a $5 fee for changing the payment date one time or a $15 fee for changing all remaining payment dates.

I (we) understand that once all necessary classes are assigned, I (we) will be notified and will have 14 days to withdraw my (our) student without any penalty or tuition amount due. I also understand that the enrollment fee is only refundable if student is withdrawn within 72 hours of enrolling.

I (we) understand that if my student is a senior (grade 12) there will be a $50 diploma fee. If the prepayment option is chosen, the $50 fee will be added to the tuition. If the monthly payment plan is chosen, the $50 fee will be divided evenly among the monthly payments. The diploma fee is $100 for international students. Once the student meets all of the graduation requirements, a physical diploma will be created and shipped to the address provided.

I (we) understand that if my student is in primary school (grades PreK–2), the Primary School Coordinator will reach out to us within three business days to order books. A minimum payment must be made before books can be ordered. I (we) understand that unused books purchased for primary school students cannot be returned after 30 days of being ordered.

I (we) understand that there is a fee for downgrading a student from one program to another, such as downgrading from the Gold Program to the Silver Program. If tuition was paid using the prepayment option, a $75 fee will be applied to the total tuition and any due refund will be issued. If tuition is being paid by monthly installments, the family can choose (a) a $75 fee to be paid within 15 days of downgrading, or b) a $100 fee split up into the remaining monthly payments. Monthly payments will be reduced if applicable. The downgrading fee is waived if the downgrade is within 14 days of when the courses were started. There is no fee for upgrading from one program to another, only the increased monthly tuition.

Refunds for overpayment may be issued upon request, but by default will be left as tuition credit with EA.

terms and conditions 1


I (we) understand that a working computer and an Internet connection are required for my (our) student to access Ignitia, the curriculum utilized by EA, and that EA does not provide computers for its students. I (we) also understand that desktop computers and laptops are recommended for student use and that mobile devices such as phones and tablets are not recommended for student use.

I (we) understand that satellite Internet is not recommended because it may cause technical issues with Ignitia. EA will not be liable for any issues caused by satellite Internet.

I (we) understand that my (our) student may be sent an invite to EA’s private social media platform where students can interact and I understand that it is my responsibility to supervise the student’s activity as necessary.

Any calls to or from EA staff may be monitored and recorded for record-keeping, training and quality-assurance purposes.

I (we) understand that it is my (our) responsibility to maintain an active email account where I (we) can receive important correspondence from EA. I (we) also understand and agree to receiving emails from EA, as the primary medium of communication.

Please print a copy of these terms for your records.