What You Need to Know about the HiSET


Similar to the GED, the HiSET is an exam that provides students with a degree equivalent to a high school diploma. It is, however, more rigorous in nature than the GED.

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Homeschooling Laws in the State of Louisiana


As a parent, you may have thought of homeschooling your children before. Many parents disagree with the way things are done in public schools, have children with special needs, or have students who have had social difficulties in a public school environment. It is possible that you share these, or other, concerns. If so, when you considered homeschooling, you probably had a lot of questions: is it legal to homeschool in my state? What do I have to do to homeschool in my state? Is there a lot of paperwork? What kind of curriculum do I need to use? This article will answer these questions and more, and aims to make homeschooling laws in Louisiana clear to any parent thinking of educating their child at home. 

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