Working in the Cloud

At Enlightium Academy, your student will do a lot of writing. They will write short answers, essays, and more. In some classes, they may even create slideshows. With all this writing, they will need both a dependable word processor and a reliable place to store their writings.


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Safe Internet Searching for Homeschooled Students

In this modern day and age, technology is what makes homeschooling a reality. The popularity of online learning has resulted in the need for more online resources. The Internet has a large pool of resources that parents and students can tap into to acquire information they may need. However, we recommend that students develop wise internet surfing skills in order to safely gather information online. As a parent, you might be wondering: “what should I do to make sure that my student is equipped with the right tools to be a safe internet user?” However, not only is it important to make sure that your student is a safe internet user but also, as a parent, you need to make sure that you are well informed and equipped with the right software to protect your student and your computer.


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Twisted Scripture: God Works Together All Things For Good


Because the Bible is God’s word, it is an incredibly powerful thing. God has communicated His very heart to us in written form; He has given us wisdom and a glimpse into the mysteries of His very being and has revealed His work in human history to us. If the Bible says something, it is incredibly significant - it is something that we should hold on to with our lives! If the Bible gives a promise, that is a promise we can be certain will come true. These promises can give us the most comfort we will ever receive. However, what happens if we get one of these promises wrong? If we misinterpret the Bible and make it say things that it does not, we can give ourselves and others false hope and, in so doing, bring much hurt.

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