12 Must-Have Resources for Online Homeschool Students

12 Must-Have Resources for Online Homeschool Students

In today’s world, access to a wealth of information is at our fingertips through our smartphones, computers and tablets. In this environment, taking homeschool classes online seems like a logical step and has proven to be a good fit for many K–12 students. The internet is readily available and an endless sea of resources is waiting to be explored. Unfortunately, not all resources are made equally. Finding an online resource that has quality information and presents it in a way that is interesting and useful can feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.


Sometimes it’s useful just to have a place to start. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the amazing educational aids available to homeschool students because a basic google search is not turning up any gems. After talking to teachers in different subject areas, we would like to offer the following 12 resources geared towards students in different age groups, who have different educational needs:


Essay Writing. If you are in high school or even middle school, you have started writing research papers and other formal academic essays. Whether for English, History, or any other subject, it’s difficult to know where to start.


  • Google Scholar - There comes a point in school when Wikipedia articles are no longer accepted as sources for research papers, and basic google searches rarely bring up primary sources or academic articles. For a more advanced academic search, we recommend google scholar. Some sources are fairly complicated, but all of them are appropriate for academic writing.

  • ushistory.org - If you are looking for accurate information for a history paper, this is a good place to start. A good rule of thumb is that any URL ending in “.org” belongs to an educational website and will have good information.

  • Purdue OWL - Most schools, public, private, and online, require high school students to use MLA format for their papers. This site has a complete MLA guide, including detailed explanations for citations and formatting, and examples. There are also links to grammar guidelines and exercises.

Math. Many students would say that math is their Achilles heel. Learning the language and logic of numbers is difficult, and individual learning styles play a huge role in how a person learns this difficult subject. This is equally true for very young and older students.12 must have resources for online homeschool students pin

  • Mathplayground.com and Mathblaster.com - Especially for younger students, turning studying into a game has a possitive effect on learning. These websites are filled with fun games that utilize math and encourage young students to learn.

  • PatrickJMT - For visual learners, or anyone else who would like additional help with math concepts, this website offers video lessons on individual concepts. Different topics are listed alphabetically, and students have the option to pause, rewind, and rewatch any lesson.

  • Khan Academy and Mathbff - Since not all students have the same learning style, and not all teachers have the same teaching style, these two youtube channels also have fantastic math tutors, and lessons on different concepts. For online homeschool students, watching these videos can be a useful way to replicate a classroom experience—in the comfort of their home.

Science. Online curricula and textbooks work hard to make science interesting for students and let them see the miracle of the world that we live in, but studying subjects that are often best illustrated through experiments is always a challenge. These resources can make the science more accessible to online homeschool students.

  • Crashcoursekids.com - This youtube channel explores different areas of science, from astronomy to geology, and mixes cartoon illustrations with video lectures. Even though it will be particularly useful for younger students, the information conveyed is also applicable for older students.

  • Chem4kids.com - Chemistry can be either a favorite subject, or a confusing mess. This website aims to help students with their chemistry lessons through detailed articles. The website is easy to navigate, and students can explore any topic they are likely to encounter in their chemistry course.

Study Help. There are few one-stop websites that go in-depth on all subjects. However, if you are just looking for a place to start studying for a test or quiz, these websites can offer some good general guides.

  • Ducksters.com - This website lists the available topics and provides some basic information on each one. Web pages are also cross-linked, so moving from one topic to another is easy.

  • Cram.com - This website is unique in that it provides digital flashcards for different subject areas. Many students find flashcards useful, and it can provide a nice break between practicing more difficult topics.

Students who choose online homeschool have many unique opportunities, as they choose when and where to study. Learning to use available online resources is the next step in making online homeschool the best educational experience for you.

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