6 Quick Tips for Homeschooling in Arkansas

6 Quick Tips for Homeschooling in Arkansas

Congratulations! You’ve made the choice to homeschool in Arkansas. Now is the time to gather important information, understand what resources are available, and choose a curriculum that's a good fit for you. Taking the time to understand what steps you need to take will pay off in the long run. This blog article is designed to provide a roadmap for successfully homeschooling in Arkansas. Please don't be afraid to share what you have learned along the way. We want you to forward this article to your friends or anyone who may also be interested in homeschooling in Arkansas.


While this article provides some insight regarding the laws for homeschooling in Arkansas, it should not be confused as definitive legal advice on the issue. Parents are highly encouraged to pull from a variety of resources to determine what approach will work best for your family. We have gathered a few helpful resources and homeschooling tools for you to reference as you begin your journey. Be sure to take advantage of any local support groups as well.


One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the first things you should look into is the legal requirements of homeschooling in Arkansas. No two states have the same requirements for families that homeschool, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to homeschooling. The Academic Consultants at Enlightium Academy suggest a visit to your state Department of Education's website. Homeschooling laws and reporting requirements are subject to change, so it is important to thoroughly research homeschooling in Arkansas to ensure you are in compliance with the regulations in your state.


Get Started with Your Research


Compulsory Attendance Laws

The state of Arkansas mandates compulsory school attendance of students ranging between 5 and 17 years of age. Families have the flexibility to study on their own schedule as Arkansas does not dictate which days per the academic year students must study.  


Reporting Requirements

Parents who are planning to homeschool should be aware of the reporting requirements set by the state of Arkansas. A Notification of Intent to Homeschool must be provided to the local public school superintendent, and the deadlines for submissions are August 15th for the fall semester and December 15th for the spring semester. Families who start homeschooling in the middle of the school year need to notify the school district 14 days before they remove their student from school. 6 Quick Tips for Homeschooling in Arkansas Pinterest


What information is reported on the Notice of Intent to Homeschool?

  • Your child's name, date of birth, and grade level

  • Name of the previous school attended

  • The address where the student will be  homeschooled

  • The name of the curriculum you will be using

  • Your planned schedule for instruction

  • Any qualifications you have to be the teacher


No Testing Requirements

Parents in the state of Arkansas can relax with the knowledge that, according to HSLDA.org, there are no state laws requiring mandatory testing for homeschooling families.


Selecting a Curriculum

At Enlightium Academy we understand that there are many great homeschool programs available. As a parent, it is important that you choose the curriculum that fits well with your child's learning style.


Selecting a homeschool curriculum can get even more complicated if you are homeschooling more than one student, because no two students learn the same way. One method or curriculum may work spectacularly well for one child, while it may not resonate with another. Learning styles also change over time, so what has met your needs in prior school years may not necessarily be a solution for you this year.


Online Private Homeschool Option

With all the complexities of homeschooling in Arkansas, you can rest easy with Enlightium Academy. Our online, private homeschool provides an easy to use curriculum based on a Christian worldview. It is designed to explain things in an exploratory way that children connect with while making learning fun!


Some of the features of Enlightium Academy's online homeschooling program include:


User-friendly platform–The online curriculum is easy to use, and students can even click on the text to have it read to them in many different languages.


Accommodates different styles of learning–Enlightium Academy reaches students with varying learning styles. Kids who are visual learners excel with the online curriculum, especially enjoying the benefits of the interactive, multi-media materials.


Innovative–Students embrace the convenience of modern technology and are eager to leave the heavy textbooks, paper and pencil assignments, and lecture-based classrooms behind.  


Teaching and Support–Enlightium Academy takes the burden off parents to "do it all" with an easy-to-use curriculum, teaching assistance, student progress monitoring, and record-keeping options.


Flexibility–Students excel with Enlightium Academy’s self-paced, modularized lesson plans, giving students the flexibility to work through the material at their own pace, whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.


Mastery-based Learning–Students may be able to skip lessons covering material that has already been mastered and are allowed to repeat difficult material. With Enlightium Academy, you are in the driver's seat, and the goal is your child's success.


Affordable and Risk-free–Enlightium Academy is loved by homeschoolers worldwide, has affordable tuition options, is easy-to-use, and provides a 14-day money back guarantee.


Easy-to-Use–Check out this online demo of our curriculum for a sample of the lesson plans and an overview of what to expect.


Enlightium Social–Get to know other Enlightium homeschoolers in your area, join discussions, ask questions and trade ideas on our online community of homeschooling parents. If you are nervous about homeschooling for the first time, you can breathe easy knowing there are seasoned homeschoolers who can help you in successfully navigating homeschooling!


Make Enlightium Academy your choice for homeschooling in Arkansas. We are a fully accredited online private Christian school that allows students to work at their own pace with a flexible schedule. Our affordable tuition, individualized curriculum, and simple admissions process maintains the advantages of a home school education while also preparing students well for college. Additionally, Enlightium offers record-keeping and has worked with families in all 50 states to meet state requirements. Feel free to call us at 866-488-4818 if you have any questions about transferring to Enlightium Academy.


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