High School Fashion Essentials - What Your Closet Says About You

High School Fashion Essentials - What Your Closet Says About You

As a teenager, you know that fashion is more than just the clothes you wear - it is a form of self-expression. Whether you prefer jeans, leather, floral print, neon, lace, spandex, or sweats, we can all agree that what you wear should be your choice, and not subject to an arbitrary set of rules. You choose your clothes carefully and you know when they are on point. The last thing you need is a teacher or administrator pulling you into the office to tell you the logo on your bag is distracting, your pants need a belt, your skirt doesn’t quite reach your knees, or your shirt needs sleeves. At some point it just gets ridiculous, or completely unfair.


Common dress code rules are:

  • The fingertip rule - your skirt/dress/pants must come past your fingertips, when you hold your arms at your sides

  • Leggings - must be worn with a long shirt or skirt that meets the fingertip rule

  • No midriff

  • No “R” rated logos

  • No hats

  • No hoodies

  • No sunglasses inside

  • You get the picture, the list goes on forever


Dress codes and uniforms can feel like a personal attack on your identity. No one wants to sit in class uncomfortable with their appearance. It’s just distracting. High school fashion comes in endless variety, and each style is unique and says something about you. You want the freedom to express who you are and how you present yourself.


Here are just a few styles chosen by high school fashion conscious students:

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Athletic. Playing sports has just always been something you do, whether it’s shooting hoops or soccer. You don’t really see that changing. You also know that there is a right and a wrong way to wear Air Jordans, and it makes you cringe when people don’t take care of their shoes.


Sporty. The days when sports gear was ratty t-shirts and sweats are over. The modern twist of leggings with clean-cut tops is sleek and comfortable at the same time. You’re ready for a workout-selfie or any other photo-op in this high school fashion.


Glam. To some this may seem a bit high-maintenance, and maybe they aren’t wrong. But you know your classy style is on fleek. You take your interest in fashion serious, and are always ahead of the crowd in the newest trends. You don’t understand how people can wear tacky or sloppy outfits.


Boho. Flowing skirts are just as comfortable as they look. Tunics, kimonos and hats go great with a music festivals, and wearing flowers in your hair reminds everyone that you are indeed a flower child. Neither school nor stress can force you to lose your chill when you are spiritually centered.


Skater. Nothing goes like your skateboard like Vans and a beanie. To other people gages and hoodies look like a fashion choice, but you know that skating is a lifestyle, and there’s no rush like it. You can’t imagine spending your time doing anything else.


Grunge. Ninetees grunge is not dead, and neither is the flannel. Plaid shirts no longer belong to lumberjacks. They go just fine with this leather jacket and boots, thanks. Your taste in music will always be cool, and in that outfit you will never look out of place at a show.


Vintage. Delicate floral print and and the right sweater paired with a locket and red lipstick? Yes please! Combing thrift stores for unique pieces pays off when the ankle boots fit right. You know you are one-of a kind, like the clothes you wear, and that you will never go out of style, like vinyl.


Hipster. Everyone loves to hate on hipsters, but if we’re honest we kind of want that t-shirt. From oversized headphones to cuffed skinny jeans, you choose your outfit with care, and your barber-shop haircut just tops it all off.


Classic. Some outfits never go out of style. Pencil skirts, nude pumps, and a timeless blouse will look good anywhere, and bowties are cool, or you could go for that suit and tie. You are ready for a meet-cute at the movies, or maybe just a coffee-date with friends.


Cosplay. There’s really no reason why costumes can only be worn to specific events or in specific places. If it makes you happy, wear it. Haters gonna hate.



Don’t find yourself in this list? That’s not surprising. High school fashions are as unique and creative as the students who wear them. Be it overalls or a lime-green tutu, you do you, and that’s beautiful.


So what can you do if your teachers and administrators can’t see that? Well, you have options. Maybe in the olden days students had no choice but to get sent to the office or assimilate. Now you can choose to attend online school instead.


Worried you’ll miss out on fun and lose your style? No problem! You’ll still see your friends, but now your style is not dependent on your school’s rules, and you will have more time to pursue your other interests.



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