How To Create A Way Cool Algebra Interactive Notebook

How To Create A Way Cool Algebra Interactive Notebook

When I worked in an actual classroom, I used way cool Algebra interactive notebooks all the time.  They collaborated the majority of students’ learning styles by letting students work independently on an assignment after coming from a large group discussion.  It also lets students organize their thoughts, which is teaching them skills without actually “teaching” them.  This is something to use at home, even if the teacher isn’t using them.  The students would just include notes and applications that they got from the lesson that day.  Below, are three tips that will help your student create a way cool Algebra interactive notebook on their own.

1. Organize Your Notebook

The organization of your notebook is key.  If the notebook is not organized, it will be hard for the student to track their progress throughout the course.  When my class created our way cool Algebra notebooks, we color-coded each unit so that lessons were easily accessible.  Here is a way to color code your notebook. You could even add different bookmarks throughout the notebook to help you get to a unit quickly! If you need more ideas on how to organize your interactive notebook, this site has amazing tips on how to create the table of contents, number the pages, etc. From personal experience, the more organized your notebook is, the more inclined you will be to use it.  Before you know it, you will be well on your way to include material in your way cool Algebra notebook.

2.  Know What To IncludeHow To Create A Way Cool Algebra Interactive Notebook pinterest

When it comes to interactive notebooks, you do not need to include everything about a particular lesson.  You only should include the “meat” of the lesson in your way cool Algebra notebook.  For example, if you are learning about the order of operations, you would only include one sheet that explains the order.  A foldable would be best!  Remember, the purpose of this notebook is to be used as a reference when you do not remember a certain strategy or rule. On this website, there are tons of free printable interactive notebook pages that can be glued into your way cool Algebra notebook. Soon enough, you will be adding pages to your way cool Algebra notebook with ease!

3. Use Your Interactive Notebook 

A problem that came up when my students and I created our way cool Algebra notebooks was that they never seemed to go back and use the pages we created! Even if you are homeschooled and create this interactive notebook on your own, it is always a great tool to use while studying or just doing homework!  I, myself as a teacher still use way cool Algebra notebooks even to this day. You can create them for other subjects, too! 

Way cool Algebra notebooks are just fun because they let you be creative, but focus on education at the same time.  You just have to make sure that you are organized, include the important stuff and then actually use it! Get creative with it! Create your own style after looking at examples. You could even include different quotes or Bible verses on the pages for extra motivation. I promise, you will be amazed when you start creating your own way cool Algebra interactive notebook.

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