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Several states have K–12 private school education tax benefits, deductions, or refund programs. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Enlightium Academy is legally a private school, not a homeschool.
  2. Enlightium Academy is accredited, an important distinction for several states in filing for tax benefits. Enlightium Academy is accredited by AdvancEd and the Association of Christian Schools International. More information can be found here.
  3. This article is intended to act as the first steps in preparing for filing; speak with a tax professional and/or conduct further research before filing.
  4. Laws are subject to change. Please note this article’s publication date.

Online School Tax Deductions Alabama p

Alabama’s tax refund program for K–12 education is considered weak due to the difficulty in becoming eligible. Only an estimated 5% of families in Alabama are eligible. Students must either:

  1. Be transferring from a failing public school, or
  2. Zoned to start at a failing public school

Transferring from a failing public school

Students in Alabama who were enrolled in a failing public school and instead transfer their enrollment to an accredited private school.

A failing public school is defined by Alabama by at least one of the following:

The school is labeled as persistently low-performing by the Alabama State Department of Education; the school is designated as a failing school by the state Superintendent of Education; the school does not exclusively serve a special population of students; or the school has been listed three or more times during the most recent six years in the lowest 6 percent of public K–12 schools on the state standardized assessment in reading and math.

Zoned to start at a failing public school

Students in Alabama who are zoned to attend a failing public school and instead begin their education in an accredited private school.


The tax credit is worth whichever is less between the following:

  • 80% of the average annual state cost of K–12 public school attendance during the applicable tax year
  • The cost of the private school being attended by the student

The tax credit or rebate may be received for several years; some restrictions may apply.


  • Available to families who have a modified gross income limit of $80,000 (or $160,000 when filing jointly)
  • Not available to families who are married filing separately

Online School Tax Deductions Alabama iParent Steps

Collect documentation from the public school district that the student was enrolled in or assigned to a failing public school.
Request a Verification of Enrollment from Enlightium Academy.
Collect documentation of the cost of attendance at Enlightium Academy; if needed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For any other questions about Alabama private school laws (or online school education in general), please call (866) 488-4818, or visit Enlightium Academy is an accredited alternative education option for educating your child from home. Our program offers the comfort of a homeschool education environment and the quality of a private school education curriculum. Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school that offers a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher supported, and affordable education. Enlightium Academy meets all accreditation and state education requirements for the State of Alabama, while neither using the state curriculum or Common Core.

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