Sick and Tired of Your Child Struggling in High School?

Sick and Tired of Your Child Struggling in High School?

There are thousands of American students struggling in high school every day of every school year. According to the Institute of Education Science, approximately 7 percent of students drop out of public and charter schools nationwide. Although the dropout rate has decreased by more than 50 percent since 1970, the total 2014 exodus was greater than 1.2 million students. These startling numbers are proof that the dropout rate remains  a large problem for school systems and for students.

Over 1.2 million students are currently struggling in high school. If your children are too, it may be time to look at other options that make their learning styles, their needs and their future key focal points for the next step of their  education.

Academic Difficulties

Public school simply isn’t structured to consider individuals. In many cases, students are lumped together and sorted by an obsolete bell curve system. In this scenario, if you succeed, you become a favored student — you're given access to additional education and resources. But if you fail, you’re typically segregated, categorized and labeled as incompetent or incapable, without much hope held out for improvement. If you’re thrown in with a similarly-sorted horde of students, you'll languish, routinely getting promoted from grade to grade, and at the end you're let loose in the world, ill-equipped to deal with it skillfully. Sick and Tired of Your Child Struggling in High School Pin

The current educational model nearly always fails to provide content commensurate with students' individual skill level and knowledge. Very often, if you’re struggling grade-wise in high school, instructors won't bother to find out whether schoolwork is too easy for you, resulting in a lack of interest, or is too difficult, resulting in crippling anxiety. It's possible that your teachers' delivery approaches simply may not agree with your learning pace or style. Unfortunately, most schools are not set up to make allowances for individual students’ needs

Social Distractors

Complications from the academic components of high school are only part of the problem. The negative socialization that many students face today increases the number of ninth to twelfth graders who are struggling. Numerous pupils witness or have firsthand knowledge of horrendous acts of bullying, threats, disruptive behavior, attacks on educators and much worse. All of these issues can become a concern for young people enrolled in a traditional educational system.  While it's true that many of the same problems exist outside of high school, they are often more common in traditional schools, and are more difficult to combat.


Attendance Strife

Another reason that students struggle in high school can be attendance hours. The average start time for U.S. high schools is 8:03 a.m. Numerous schools lack productive, hour-long classes, and many feature extracurricular programs beginning as early as 6:30 a.m. Sleep and brain studies have shown optimal wake-up times for developing adolescents are between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.; ideal evening "wind down" times are between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m. Even though it's possible to adjust sleeping habits to wake up earlier, in such cases it's likely that an adolescent mind will not be performing at peak capacity. According to Science Daily, sleep deprivation not only affects one's ability to retain information, it can compromise behavior and driving ability, as well (2007).

For students struggling with high school, these factors can feel like insurmountable obstacles. Research shows that in order to thrive in their learning, students need the following:

Finding all, or even most, of these supporting elements  in a traditional learning environment can feel impossible.


Alternate Options

The good news is that there are other options, such as homeschooling, that can allow you to succeed in your high school career. The number of families choosing to homeschool their kids is increasing every year, because families generally want what's best for their children. For far too long, what's been provided by schools has not been sufficient. With today's technology, online homeschooling is a viable option that focuses on individuals' learning needs.  

Enlightium Christian Academy is an accredited private online homeschooling option. It seeks to serve individuals with purpose who wish to realize their full potential. Enlightium is designed for college prep, with standards and curriculum that surpass those typically found in many public schools. Enlightium is built on simple principles of teaching truth and building relationships that foster whole, intelligent citizens. If you're tired of struggling in high school and are ready to begin soaring toward your life goals, contact Enlightium today. 

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