The Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling in New York

The Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling in New York

If you live in New York and have researched homeschooling you probably know one thing for sure: the regulations are numerous and complex. Parents often receive mixed messages from their local school district as to whether or not they can legally homeschool in New York. As long as the family follows the regulations, your family has the legal right to homeschool in the state of New York.

Parents must follow the state’s outlined requirements for homeschooling, even if partnering with an accredited institution such as Enlightium Academy (which helps meet these requirements). Ultimately, it will be up to the superintendent of your local school district to approve certain aspects of state requirement satisfaction. Listed below are the step-by-step requirements for homeschooling in New York.

  1. File the NYS homeschooling letter of intent by July 1st, or within fourteen days of beginning homeschooling in New York.
  2. An Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) must be submitted to the superintendent in your local school district. You will be provided this IHIP form within ten days of submitting the notice of intent to homeschool. The form must be completed and returned within four weeks. If it is not approved, you will have 15 days to submit a revised IHIP form. Enlightium Academy counselors can help meet any deficiencies here. If further appealing will be needed, your local school district should provide you with more information.
  3. Teach the required courses as found at section 100.10(e), where one unit is the equivalent of a full-year course, being three hours per week. That is the equivalent of eight units for a standard course at Enlightium Academy.
    1. Aside from the standard core courses which Enlightium Academy provides for all full-time students, those pursuing homeschooling in New York will also need to take various electives or regular exposure to certain subject matter without having specific unit requirements. These requirements can also be met per request through the student’s counselor or be fulfilled through home study courses (offline electives) outside of the Enlightium curriculum.
    2. Grades Prekindergarten-Kindergarten
      1. No additional requirements other than what Enlightium Academy will provide with the standard courses.
    3. Grades 1-6 (no outlined unit requirement for the below subject material)
      1. Health
      2. Music
      3. Visual Arts
      4. Physical Education
    4. Grades 7-8
      1. Physical Education (regular basis, no unit requirement)
      2. Health (regular basis, no unit requirement)
      3. Art (half unit/semester total for both grades combined)
      4. Music (half unit/semester total for both grades combined)
      5. Practical arts (regular basis, no unit requirement)
      6. Library skills (regular basis, no unit requirement)
    5. Grades 9-12
      1. No additional requirements other than what Enlightium Academy will provide with the standard graduation requirements.
  4. Comply with attendance requirements.
    1. Students homeschooling in New York will need an equivalent of 180 days of instruction, being 900 hours total for grades 1-6 and 990 hours for grades 7-12.
    2. Submit reports quarterly or on agreed dates based on the IHIP.
      1. To receive these reports for your student from Enlightium Academy, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Include information regarding the required details for the report. 
  5. Annual assessments are required for students homeschooling in New York
    1. Enlightium Academy provides a nationally recognized standardized test, Stanford 10, through a partnership with Pearson. The Stanford 10 may need to be approved by your District Superintendent.
    2. Enlightium Academy teachers may also need to be approved by the superintendent to administer the test.
  6. Other details about disputes and probation are available in the first link in this blog, starting at section 100.10(c)5. and 100.10(h)1v.

Please contact your local state board of education by visiting 2.ed.govDistrict specific information can be found at You can access helpful templates for letters of intent, IHIP, and quarterly reports, contact information, instructions for where to file, alternative options for meeting requirements, and other resources and support groups at this comprehensive Home Education Information Manual from Common homeschooling in New York questions and answers can be found at

Enlightium Academy provides a quality, nationally accredited education. Confirmation of Enlightium Academy’s accreditation can be found at Advanc-Ed. Families still need to be familiar with and follow the state’s homeschooling laws to avoid issues. Enlightium Academy is excited to partner with you in navigating this complex, but ultimately rewarding, path of homeschooling in New York.




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