Top 4 Reasons to Get Your High School Diploma Online

Top 4 Reasons to Get Your High School Diploma Online

Interested in switching to a non-traditional environment to earn your high school diploma online? You’re not alone. In the last ten years, the number of students enrolling to earn their high school diploma online has increased tenfold. Four of the top reasons families are making the switch are:


- Students want more independence in the classes they take, or desire to spend more time at home with their families.

- Parents desire a faith-based education and curriculum for their children.

- Online schools provide a viable option for those parents who have or want to homeschool, but do not have the expertise or time to manage it themselves.

- Greater flexibility for those students who have extracurricular demands such as elite athletes, child actors, or students dealing with high anxiety, illnesses, or moving mid-year.


The most important factor you should consider when searching for programs that offer a high school diploma online is accreditation. This important attribute ensures the school has been thoroughly audited and meets minimum requirements for important components of a quality school or educational program. Accreditation also verifies that the curriculum follows national educational standards. After accreditation, choosing an online school that fits the student’s specific needs is important if they are going to be successful in graduating with their high school diploma online.


Student and Family Centric

Sometimes, life has a way of placing stressors in the path of students and their families, placing their academic success at risk. When a family has a change in their circumstances, such as a mid-year move, prolonged illness, or death in the family, being able to have the flexibility an online school offers can be a lifesaver. Students also face a lot of issues in traditional schools such as bullying, ADHD, distractions, and the negative influences of other students. Working from home, a student does not have to deal with the daily stressors of peer pressure or worry about fitting in with the “popular” kids. Students earning their high school diploma online can learn in a relatively calm, peaceful environment, and – most importantly – they usually have the opportunity to work at their own pace and in their own style. For some, that spells the difference between success and failure.



Flexibility is also a key reason students choose to earn their high school diploma online. The reasons students need greater flexibility are wide and varied. Many students choose online high school because they are involved in competitive athletics such as ballet, figure skating, gymnastics, tennis, or snowboarding. Attending school online provides these students with the flexibility to accommodate their classes and work schedules. For students who want more independence, an online school also offers the flexibility to create a nontraditional, daily school schedule. Instead of being forced to attend classes during normal school hours, an online school allows students to log into classes whenever and wherever they want. One mom reported: “I felt that attending online school from home was a more efficient use of time, allowing my children to participate in the things they loved and accomplish their academic goals—on a schedule that worked best for them and the entire family.”

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Traditional schools typically have a maximum number of students allowed in each classroom and due to these limitations, classes fill up fast. Students are often forced to take an undesirable or unnecessary class and find themselves off-track for an on-time graduation. Students who earn their high school diploma online have the advantage of taking the classes they need, when they need to; not just when they are offered and available. This ensures they finish their desired coursework quickly and graduate on time.

Classrooms also create frustrations for students who work at a different pace than those around them. Gifted and average students earning their high school diploma online have some independence in that they are not held up by other students in a classroom setting. Likewise, students who struggle in a subject are not forced to move on before fully grasping the learning concepts.


Just as important, good online high schools offer an accountable schedule structure mapped out for each semester, including assignment due dates and a standardized grading system. This keeps students on target to earn their high school diploma online within the traditional four year timeframe. Buyers should be wary of online schools who advertise and allow a student to work at will and whenever they want without any oversight. Students in these schools are not as successful in completing their coursework and often never receive their high school diploma online. It can be very discouraging to lack the support and oversight of the school or teachers to keep students on track to graduate in a timely manner.

Quality Curriculum

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran homeschooling parent, you may feel you don’t have the time or expertise to develop a curriculum and teach your student. Taking advantage of an accredited online high school creates an environment that provides the best of both worlds for you and the student. While the student works on their classes at home, or anywhere for that matter, you do not have to manage everything. Not having to worry about figuring out which curriculum to use each year also takes a burden off you. It is a huge challenge coming up with a curriculum, especially during the high school years when there are so many course requirements to keep track of. Finding and choosing a non-traditional school that offers an accredited high school diploma online with a robust curriculum is a huge benefit. For Christian families, finding an online school with a biblical perspective is even better and is one of the main draws for a family in choosing to switch to an online school.



Along with the advantage of not having to select a quality curriculum yourself, having teachers, counselors, and other staff work with your child is a major benefit that not all online schools provide. Parents don’t have to create their own lesson plans, grade tests, or do the actual teaching. Choosing an online school program that provides you with the support of certified teachers who provide grading and instruction through real-time classroom sessions, email correspondence, and telephone conversations will make sure your student succeeds.


If you’re looking for an accredited program that’s student-centric and provides flexibility while holding your student accountable, look no further. Say goodbye to the classroom and earn your high school diploma online with Enlightium Academy. Our quality curriculum and superb teacher support will help make sure your student’s success. Our affordable tuition, individualized curriculum, and simple admissions process maintains the advantages of a homeschool education while also preparing high school students for college. Additionally, Enlightium offers record-keeping and has worked with families in all 50 states to meet state requirements. Feel free to call us at 866-488-4818 if you have any questions about transferring to Enlightium Academy. With the second semester approaching quickly, we would love to share what it would look like to enroll your student today.  

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