Online students taking a world language course will need to submit written work with the correct accent marks or they will lose credit on that assignment. There are a few options for students typing in another language including any special accent marks, characters, or punctuation the language may require all while still using a standard American keyboard.

What Every Online Student Taking a World Language Needs to Know pKey-by-Key Translator

One method is to use what is called a key-by-key translator, where you either hold down a letter for more options or use a combination of characters to create a custom character, depending on the language and the operating system. This does vary by operating system and language, so make sure you choose the one that applies to your language and your computer.




Software: Toggle to a different keyboard

You can change the input from your standard American keyboard to output characters of another language by switching to the keyboard for that language. This way, a student can work on English as normal, toggle the keyboard for Spanish, and then change back to the standard keyboard for a history course.

Toggling to another language’s keyboard can be very convenient in the long run and is a guaranteed method of being able to type any accent mark, unique letter, or special character in any given language (even Chinese!), but keep in mind that things will be shifted around on your keyboard and that several keys will have different functions. It is therefore recommended that you print an image of that language’s keyboard layout and post it in your workspace for easy reference while you become accustomed to the new layout. Another option is to save the image on your computer where it is easily accessible while familiarizing yourself with the new keyboard. For Mac users, you can also select ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’ in the same location where you toggle your keyboard in order to be shown the layout. It’s even possible to type with it.

What Every Online Student Taking a World Language Needs to Know iUse a Website to Type Accent Marks and Other Characters

Alternatively, it is possible to utilize this website to type any accent marks, characters, or punctuation that your new language requires. Simply choose the language and a keyboard with everything that you need as well as a text box will be provided. You can then copy and paste your text wherever needed. However, bear in mind that in the long run, it is quicker to learn how to type accent marks and special characters on your own keyboard.

Remember that your teacher wants to help you

If you experience technical issues, please reach out to your teacher. They want you to be able to master the material, but you will need to work within the technical parameters as well. This means using the accents and special characters as needed. However, if you have tried all these methods but still cannot type the accent marks, special characters, or punctuation that the target language requires, do not hesitate to contact your teacher. They will ensure that you are able to as they do not want you to lose points simply because you don’t know how to type them on your computer

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