Some states may require families to submit an IHIP. Additionally, New York State families that have filed an intent to homeschool with their local school district superintendent (also known as the Superintendent of Schools) and are enrolled with Enlightium Academy must submit an IHIP to the state that is signed by their student’s guidance counselor.  

What is an IHIP?What is an IHIP Pinterest

The IHIP is an Individualized Home Instruction Plan that may include:

How do I know if I need to submit an IHIP for my student?

For states that require an IHIP, when a student is withdrawn from a school and the family identifies Enlightium Academy as the new school, the previous school will provide a packet to the family which will include the IHIP. The packet should provide direction for submission and a template IHIP.

To see if your state requires an IHIP, you can check our state blogs and/or do more research online. If you find details about the IHIP, consider speaking to your local school district superintendent. If you do not see anything about an IHIP requirement, your family most likely does not need to submit an IHIP.

How often do I have to submit an IHIP?

An IHIP will likely need to be submitted once a year, although the IHIP may require quarterly report cards to show a student’s progress throughout the year. Families can speak to their local school district superintendent for direction.

What is an IHIP InstagramHow do I request an IHIP?

Families can request an IHIP from their student’s counselor. It is the responsibility of the family to request an IHIP in a timely manner.

How long does it take to receive an IHIP?

An IHIP requires extensive documentation, so there is a minimum of 5 business days toprocess a request. Once the IHIP is processed by the counselor, it will be emailed to the parent. It will be the parent’s responsibility to include additional information, to sign, and to submit the IHIP to their local school district superintendent.

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