Why Music is Important for Young Christian Artists

Why Music is Important for Young Christian Artists

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” (Psalm 100:1, KJV).

Music holds an important place in the lives of most people, whether they are musicians or music appreciators. Many consider music to be an integral part of their identity. This is by design—God’s design. In Psalm 139:14 King David reminds us that our gifts are unique and intentional, saying, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” David himself was a musician and used his talent to sing praises to God. Each person has been given unique talents by God.

Enlightium Academy student and musician Emma Segnini is a singer-songwriter currently living in New York. Segnini says, “My family and I have always believed that God puts you in this world for a reason and that everyone has a mission in this world.” Asked how music plays a role in her faith, she says, “I believe that God sent me to this world to learn from others and to help people with their problems and just with simple things like opening a door for someone, and to touch people with music, to say things through melody and music that people are afraid to say. My goal is to one day be able to inspire people the way that other singers and composers (like my mom) inspire me.”


Young artists today have access to an incredible variety, and the music they are listening to and playing is constantly changing. Segnini explains, “Music has changed since I was one or two, or even in the last 3 or 4 years; but, as much as I do love a lot of the music today, I love all the music from a long time ago. I enjoy seeing how music changes with us and how this world has had many changes but music has always remained one of people’s most fascinating things.” Within this variety, there is space for everyone to find a music style to love.

Here are five reasons why music is important for all of us: 

  1. Music is part of what defines us as people. One of the why music is important for young christian artists reasons why music is important is that every culture on earth makes music. In fact, every culture that we know about and have been able to study in history has made music. Music is part of our design as humans. The wealth of diversity and complexity that is available in music from different cultures has served as an inspiration to Segnini. She says, “In my life, I have heard all types of music. I am Venezuelan, Cuban, Italian, Spanish, and North American. So, I have very diverse tastes in music. I love to have this because it has expanded my views in music and opens my eyes to so many different types of music out there and even though they are different, they are beautiful in their own way.”

  1. Music has a powerful effect on our brains. As explained by Dr. Daniel Levitin in his book “This Is Your Brain On Music,” there is a powerful link between music and how our brains work, and the most successful musicians tap into that link. Music can affect our emotions and thought processes. It can help develop and recall memories. There is no doubt that music has a powerful impact on each of us.

  1. Music brings us together.While music feels deeply personal for many people, current research suggests that one reason why music is important within a culture is that it bring people together. The power of music to unite people can be seen in a powerful way during concerts and worship services, when it seems as if a large group of people can become one. Suddenly the music connects a room full of people to each other.  

  1. Music helps us communicate emotions. Communication is one of the greatest gifts that God gave people. With language we are able to think and talk about deep ideas like emotions, philosophy, and faith. Still, we often struggle to explain exactly how we feel. One reason why music is important is that music can help us communicate and understand emotions—what a gift! For Segnini, using music to communicate is important: “I like to compose music that people can relate to. I also like to hear music and think ‘Wow, this is a song I will remember always.’ That is how I would like for other people to feel when they hear my music.”

  1. We were made to worship God through music.The Bible is full of appeals to praise God with music. In the Old Testament, playing music was a vital part of temple service. Composer Johann Sebastian Bach recognized this when he said, “Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.” In fact, much of Bach’s music was written for church services.

“Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music,” (Psalm 98:4).

In her article, Sarah E. Worth says, “Music is part of our existence, but we do not fully understand it.” When looking at the different reasons why music is important, it is clear that music is part of our existence because God created us to make music. Even if we still do not fully understand how music affects us, we know that it connects us to each other and to God. Music and the ability to play music is a gift from God.

God gives us gifts and talents to use for His glory. If you are the parent of a child who has a talent for music, you want to foster that talent and help your child grow as a musician. You know why music is important for your child, but it can be difficult to balance music lessons, practice, and performances with school. Don’t give up! With online homeschool you have options to help your child practice their God-given talents.

Emma Segnini explains how being homeschooled has helped her as a musician, “I think that since I am in homeschool, I have been able to see the world and my surroundings in a different way than maybe other kids do. I get inspired to sing and compose music by the things I see everyday or the things I learn from my own school. I think that it has helped me to relate with people in a closer and more personal way.” Online homeschool programs allow students like Emma to use their talent for music and practice their craft without having to worry about falling behind in their academics.


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