10 Healthy Summer Snacks to Bring to a Backyard BBQ

10 Healthy Summer Snacks to Bring to a Backyard BBQ

Now that summer is in full swing, you may have many a backyard BBQ to attend or host. There are plenty of fattening foods associated with a backyard BBQ, but you can bring a lot more to the table this summer than chips and potato salad. We have some ideas for side dishes, desserts, and even drinks to help you out of that rut.



Marinated Grilled Veggies

There’s nothing like a vegetable that’s been soaked in a delicious balsamic marinade and grilled to the perfect tenderness.


So many grilled veggie marinades use balsamic, but not all of us love that kind of acidity. If you’re not a fan of balsamic, here are some other great options:

  • This version uses soy sauce, lemon, and garlic as its primary flavors.

  • Those with a more adventurous palate should check out these five recipes!

    • spicy orange and cilantro

    • Asian

    • brown sugar and bourbon

    • lemon and garlic

    • maple wasabi


If you want to be creative, here’s a great infographic guide to designing your own backyard BBQ veggie marinade. That nifty infographic also gives insight on how long to marinade meats and vegetables.

Crunchy Chickpeas

Are you looking for some backyard BBQ munchies? Spicy roasted chickpeas are a fantastic substitute. They are also delicious on a salad. The real bonus: They are so easy to make.

Just roast the chickpeas in coconut oil with a little salt and add whatever spices you desire. Cumin with a hint of cayenne is a great option! When they’re crunchy, then they’re done and ready for a backyard BBQ.

Greek Yogurt Dip

So many summer favorites call for loads of mayonnaise, but you can substitute with greek yogurt for a healthier and more refreshing snack. In fact, this alternative is so popular there are recipes designed around it.

This incredible recipe uses nonfat Greek yogurt, avocado, diced tomatoes, cucumber, dill, and garlic. Serve with pita chips—or whatever you like!

Cucumber Sandwiches

These cucumber sandwiches are a great option for sustaining tummies while you fire up the grill. Just assemble small pieces of turkey, cheese, tomato, and avocado, sandwiched between cucumber rounds on toothpicks and you have the perfect summer appetizer for a backyard BBQ!

Frozen Grapes

Looking to swap out candy for some real summertime fun fuel? Try freezing grapes and you’ll end up with some delectably sweet mini popsicle bites to feed your kids as they run around at your backyard BBQ.

Yogurt Popsicles

A good, creamy popsicle is the summer version of ice cream—and it won’t weigh you down like ice cream does. Just remember your yogurt popsicle is only as healthy as the yogurt you put in it.

Fruit Salsa

Eat it as a snack or a dessert, but fruit salsa with some cinnamon chips is an unbeatable snack that can easily satisfy your craving for something sweet. Check out this recipe for fruit salsa with cinnamon chips.

Black Bean Brownies

This concept may sound insane to you, but don’t knock it till you try it! These bean-and-chocolate-based brownies are dense, moist, and rich, with fudgy texture. If you don’t share the black bean secret ingredient, they’ll never know the difference.

These are also allergy friendly! You’re actually substituting black beans for flour, if you can believe it! If your friends are gluten-free, what better way to show the love of Christ than choosing delicious foods that all can partake of and enjoy?

Avocado Banana Chocolate Pudding

This pudding is the ultimate vegan delight, and it contains no refined sugars. All it takes is a blender, avocado, banana, raw cacao, a tiny bit of maple syrup, and your choice of alternative milk! See the full recipe here.

Fruit-Infused Sodas

Instead of stocking up on sugary sodas, infuse seltzer water for some fantastically fizzy refreshment. Here are some infusion suggestions:

  • A combination of citrus fruits that balances the tart and sweet.

  • Add mint. For a refreshing twist on any combination, just add a mint leaf!

  • Berries! You can float them, soak them overnight, or muddle them. For extra tanginess, add lime. Figure out what you like best and share it with your friends, family, or neighbors at the next backyard BBQ.

  • Combine lemon and blueberry for that blueberry muffin flavor.

We hope that your summer is full of delicious, wholesome food enjoyed with friends and family. As the days grow shorter, you may be exploring your options for private online Christian schooling. Please consider Enlightium Academy as a possible solution for you and your family.

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