4 Fun Christian Easter Crafts to Share the Resurrection Story with Your Children

4 Fun Christian Easter Crafts to Share the Resurrection Story with Your Children

“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.” (Matthew 28:6)


Explaining the story and meaning of Easter can be difficult for parents, especially those who have very young children. After all, the concepts of sin and death, especially the sort of death that Jesus suffered, are heavy thoughts for children to think about. To be honest, these are ideas that are difficult for many adult Christians to fully comprehend. How then can we explain to children not only that Jesus died a horrible death, but that our own actions made it necessary for Him to do so?


And yet, Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection form the very core of the Christian faith, and are the source of our joy and freedom in Christ. They are the reason that Christ came to earth, the reason for His life, and the ultimate demonstration of His love for us. Through Jesus’ death, we have a hope and new life in Him. Explaining the significance of Easter to our children is perhaps the most important thing Christian parents do.


  1. Resurrection Eggs: 4 Fun Christian Easter Crafts to Share the Resurrection Story with Your Children PinFor this Christian Easter craft you and your child will place small, symbolic objects in twelve plastic Easter eggs. Each of the objects pairs with a Bible verse and a section of the easter story. As you and your child assemble your egg carton of resurrection eggs, you will have the opportunity to explain the Easter story and talk to your child about the miracle of Jesus’ death and resurrection.


  1. Resurrection Day Snack: Some of us grew up being told not to play with food, but all parents know that meals can be a perfect time to talk with their child. By assembling this healthy, simple resurrection day snack, you have the opportunity to visually represent the Easter morning story of the empty tomb. Then, as your child enjoys his or her snack, you can discuss that God is so mighty that he was able to conquer death.


  1. Jelly Bean Gospel: Jelly Beans are generally pretty plentiful around Easter time. Using this one of the Christian Easter crafts you can use them to share the good news of Easter with your child. Together, you will pick out one of each of the appropriately colored Jelly Beans. Then you will read the Jelly Bean Gospel poem, which touches on each of the main points of the Gospel. Each jelly bean color also pairs with a Bible verse (instructions in the link). This craft is ideal for young children and can also be shared as a gift in a little bag.


  1. Resurrection Garden: Building a resurrection garden with your child on Easter morning is another wonderful opportunity to talk about the resurrection and the empty tomb. This Christian Easter craft also makes a great decoration. For older children who want to make a more elaborate garden, it is a good idea to start this project several days in advance. Once the garden is complete, gather around it to read the story of Easter morning with your children. The plants in the garden will remind you all of the new life we have through Jesus.


“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).


The Bible is very clear about the fact that it is only through Jesus’ sacrifice that we have hope for a future with God. Jesus paid the price for our sins, and because of this we can look forward to an eternal life with Him. As you and your family prepare to celebrate Jesus’ great gift this Easter, make sure that your child is able to understand this great gift and the joy that comes with it.


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