4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Home School Teacher

4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Home School Teacher

Families like yours choose to home school for many reasons: sometimes students struggle in mainstream classroom settings because the curriculum isn’t geared to their academic level; sometimes parents choose to home school because of bullying, violence, and moral deterioration in American schools—the potential reasons are as diverse as the students they represent.

Whatever your reason for making this decision for your family, you’re doing what’s best for your children by securing an excellent program for optimal learning, delivered by a teacher capable of prioritizing your family’s needs. You may be wondering, however, if that teacher is you. You may want to hire a home school teacher for your students. There are a few viable options for you to consider if you have this need.


#1—Determine why you need a home school teacher.

Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a teacher:

  • You don’t have the time required to perform your daily tasks and teach lessons each day.
  • You don’t believe you are up to the task of teaching more complex subjects like calculus or biology.
  • You want a teacher who approaches academics with fearlessness and a foundation of expertise.
  • You want your students to have other role models besides yourself.

In cases such as these, hiring a teacher is a great option. It allows you to be close to your students and to monitor their education without having to be the sole instructor.

#2—Start your search. 4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Home School Teacher pinterest

Now that you’ve decided to find a home school teacher, you have to know where to look. There are a few options for you to look into:

  • Often you can contact local private schools and get the names of part-time instructors who are seeking additional work.
  • You can also look at online classifieds. Many cities with colleges have education students looking for teaching positions that don’t require an awarded college degree yet but that allow them to utilize their skills for pay.
  • A popular option for selecting a home school teacher is contacting the company that publishes your chosen curriculum. Working with the company is a wonderful idea because the teachers they’ll connect you with have been screened and trained in the best practices for instructing their materials. The teachers have mastered the material, and when a subject has been mastered it can be taught well to anyone. Additionally, these educators will deliver job performances that match the beliefs, mission, and vision of their employer. Therefore, if you’ve chosen a program that supports a Christian Worldview your students will be paired with a teacher who shares that foundation, which is one of the major benefits of home education. 

#3—Interview candidates and settle on the teacher that is best for your family.

Make sure you interview at least a few candidates thoroughly. Here are some things you may want to consider when interviewing teachers.

  • Don’t just choose the candidate with the best credentials, make sure you consider the needs and interests of your student, too. What are your students’ dominant learning styles, is this teacher able to teach in a way that is geared toward how your student learns best?
  • Ask personal questions, too. This person is most likely going to be in your home on a regular basis. Make sure you invest in learning about their interests and passions. Not only is this a great way to build a solid relational foundation, but learning about the things that matter to your home school teacher as an individual can also bring up any potential red flags.
  • Have the students in your family meet the candidates as well and consider their preferences. The more they like their teacher, the harder they will work for him or her.
  • Ask for recommendations. If these teachers have reputable people who are willing to recommend them for both their professionalism and character, then chances are you have some worthy candidates.

#4—Consider online private home school.

You may not need to bring a teacher physically into your home to have stellar home school teaching support.

Advances in technology have brought private online schools into existence that offer everything you need to home school successfully, including highly qualified teachers. An online school can provide quality curricula that covers national academic standards and offer college prep courses.

Through online schools, you can provide the students in your family with an excellent private school education with the benefit of your presence and involvement and the help of qualified teachers. If this sounds ideal to you, consider Enlightium Academy, an accredited PreK–12 online Christian school that equips students to become Christian leaders who trust in God’s plan while allowing them to work at their own pace through an individualized curriculum on a flexible schedule with one-on-one teacher support.

You are children's first teacher and understand their needs better than any other. When you decide home school is the right choice you also must choose the right instructor. That may be you alone, you with help at home, or it may be a trained and certified online educator. Finding a home school teacher can give your children the best of both worlds—the right education for the as individuals, fostered by the love of family and presented by a passionate academic professional

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