4 Ways Online Summer School Answers Life’s Questions


Deciding how to spend the summer is exciting for students in high school! During a time when teens are facing a lot of big decisions in their lives, summer can breeze by so quickly. It’s critical for teens to take the time to ask the big questions: What do I want to be when I grow up? Am I ready to get my life on track? Which university should I attend? What is my life’s purpose? How am I going to pay for college? Am I ready to grow up?

Summer camp, volunteering, vacationing, summer school, applying for colleges, working a part-time job and having fun in the sun with friends are all great ways to explore the answers to these questions. But with so many options, it’s hard to know which direction to take in the few short weeks summer break has to offer.

As a parent, it can be challenging to guide a teen in answering these important questions while also allowing them freedom to relax and enjoy their youth. Providing the right environment, access to resources, and ability to explore their interests, gifts and talents are great ways parents can help teens to find their way. With credit recovery options, STEM career electives, and college prep courses, online summer school with Enlightium Christian Academy is a great resource parents can use to guide their teens as they are maturing into adulthood.

There are four ways that Enlightium Academy’s online Summer School can help:

1. Recovering High School Credits4 ways online summer school answers lifes questions pin

Enlightium Christian Academy’s online summer school is a great way to get a struggling teen’s life back on track towards adulthood. For one reason or another, teens may find themselves a little behind at the end of the school year. Perhaps they got sick or suffered an injury during the regular school year. Maybe they’ve experienced a traumatic life event that created some set-backs that were out of their control. It is also possible that their learning style wasn’t a good fit for their previous learning environment and this has set them back academically. Whatever the challenge, it is good to understand and learn from the things of the past, and begin looking towards the future. There is nothing like a fresh start to get things rolling in the right direction. Enrolling in online summer school courses can make this transition less of an obstacle by providing 24/7 online access to the classroom and an opportunity for students to learn at their own pace with the learning style that works for them. Imagine getting caught up without the embarrassment of leaving the house. Enlightium Christian Academy makes it easy and accessible!

2. Discovering Life's Purpose

Online summer school  is also a great way for a student to figure out their purpose in life. Enlightium Christian Academy’s STEM curriculum provides many options for students to explore their gifts and talents while reinforcing the core principles of Faith with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students explore diverse perspectives in order to expose their areas of interest and develop a passion for life and for Christ! All online summer school coursework is taught from a Christian worldview to inspire a deep love and service for God and others. There’s no better way to tee them up for a successful adult life!

3. Making Life-long Career Choices

One of the toughest decisions many teens feel pressured to make before high school graduation is deciding on a career path. Nearly every adult decision going forward hinges on answering this question, so there is a lot at stake. Students who are having a difficult time deciding on a career path find Enlightium Christian Academy’s online summer school courses helpful. With options ranging from entrepreneurship to nursing to computer programming to national security and film production, teens can try on various careers at an introductory to intermediate level, without the investment of university tuition. Having the opportunity to explore different career options at an affordable price is attractive to both parents and students. It helps the student gain confidence that they are making the right career choice and it sets the stage for a successful college experience. All this without breaking the bank!

4. Preparing for College

Some students spend their summer worrying about not graduating on time or having their college application rejected, because they haven’t taken the right courses. Luckily for these students, online summer school can help set minds at ease by providing experienced advising staff to help navigate the student’s career path, course selection, as well as assistance with the college entrance and scholarship application processes.

College-bound homeschoolers present a unique challenge
as documentation of their academic progress oftentimes varies significantly from that of the expectations of many colleges. Fortunately, Enlightium Christian Academy’s online summer school can help these students quickly earn the required college preparatory credits from an accredited school.
Enlightium Christian Academy has an outstanding record of placing its graduates into the selective colleges and universities of their choice in the U.S. and throughout the world.

So whether you’re looking to get your student’s life back on track, help them discover their purpose in life, allow them opportunities to explore life-long career choices or make sure your teen is prepared for college, make the most of your summer by enrolling now!

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