5 DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Spend A Day with Mom

Wondering what do it yourself (DIY) ideas you can do to celebrate this Mothers Day? You are not alone. Showing your admiration for the woman who gives so much, when you don’t have a lot of financial resources can be challenging. However, we think we know a secret that will help you…

Moms just wants to be appreciated.

Showing you are thinking of her and what she needs, is sure to make it a Happy Mother’s Day. Here are some inexpensive and fun DIY Mothers Day gift ideas that can help get you started:

 1. Plant Seeds

  DIY Estimated Cost: $2/ seed packet + gardening tools

Your local hardware or gardening store is sure to have an abundance of seeds and potted plants this time of year. Prices very but you can usually get some great plants.

  What a wonderful way to spend time together and flourish in God’s creation! Plus, as the seeds sprout this will be a wonderful reminder to your family that great things come from the smallest of seeds. (Matthew 13:32)

Tip: Flowers like tulips and peonies are some that don’t require re-planting each year.

 2. Picnic in the Park

DIY Estimated Cost: $10-$20/ (depending on what you like to eat)

Think about some of your moms favorite no-fuss foods and purchase them at your local grocery store. Grab a blanket, a basket or something where to store the food and utensils, a mason jar filled with a bouquet of flowers and some refreshing lemonade. Drive to a park near you or to a beautiful view you know of, and set up a simple picnic.

Moms will enjoy this more then you know. The outdoors and fresh air have a way of bringing life into us. Maybe bring your favorite board games or some cards to play on the blanket.    

Picnics are great because not only do you get to have lunch with mom on Mother’s Day, but you also get to enjoy the beautiful creation around you, especially this   time of the year.

P.S. Don’t forget to surprise her with desert.

 3. Paper flower bouquet made from your hands

DIY Estimated Cost: $0 - $5/ Look through your craft boxes at home

Moms love flowers, especially when they’re from someone special.


1. Find different color craft paper. Trace your hand about 5-7 times but make sure to not overlap. Cut out the different colored hands. Each hand will be an individual flower.

2. Take time to think about all the special things your mom does for you on a daily basis or overall, and why you’re thankful for it. In your best handwriting, write each thing on only one side of the hand cutout.

3. Cut out the paper in the shape of any kind of vase (circular, rectangular, trapezoidal) and cut out the stems for each of the hand flowers. Get a poster board or a bigger piece of paper and use the hands as individual flowers and glue the stems to it. Arrange the flowers you just created, glue them first, the vase should be glued on top of the stems. Decorate the board as you wish. You can draw scenery in the background, write additional notes or words, etc.

4. Present the paper flower arrangement to your mom with a big smile and a hug. :)

 4. Breakfast in Bed

     DIY Estimated Cost: $0-$20/ You will probably find most ingredients in your pantry or fridge

Breakfast in bed is not something that happens on a daily basis, so it’s always a pleasant surprise. Think about your mom’s favorite breakfast foods such as pancakes, eggs benedict or granola with yogurt.

The day before mother’s day, look through your kitchen to make sure you have all the ingredients you need for what you decided to make.

Make the breakfast before your mom wakes up, but make it special. For example, if your making pancakes, make them heart shaped or add some fresh strawberries. Make sure you pour her morning drink whether it’s coffee, orange juice or even better, fresh squeezed juice. Set up a platform to place the food and drink on. Add a mini vase with some wild flowers that you could possibly find outside your home or hand-made paper flowers. Get creative with it ~ Maybe write a sweet little note to show her how much you appreciate her and that’s why you chose to wake up early on her special day to make breakfast.

 5. Want to take your mom out shopping but can’t afford it?

    DIY Estimated Cost: $0.50-$20 / Give mom $20 to spend on something for herself

Does your mom love shopping and barges? This time of year, there are many garage sales going on, some even as close as your neighbor’s house. You can search online or in the local newspaper for garage sales in your neighborhood.

This will be a fun time searching for signs and big lots of fabulous vintage finds. Mom will be happy that she gets to spend this time with you, especially if your shopping. Who knows, maybe she will find that once piece for the house that she’s been waiting to have. I once found a practically brand new vacuum for $10!

Whatever you choose to do this Mother’s Day, take time to appreciate your mom for all that she’s done.

Moms have a special place in their hearts for their kids. No matter what they did wrong or right, they always wanted and will want the best for you. Honor your mom, for she is a gift from God. He gave you your mom and even though there are always mistakes made along the way, He is using those mistakes, by His grace, to weave together your hearts in an unconditional bond.

The famous poet Victor Hugo once wrote a story that said;

“She broke the bread into two fragments and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness. She hath kept none for herself, grumbled the sergeant.' 'Because she is not hungry,' said a soldier. 'No,' said the sergeant, 'because she is a mother.' This is a pure example of a mother’s heart.

Your tender words to your mom will melt her heart. Cherish her with your whole heart and being. She, like you, is a child of God and He wants the best for her, just as He does you. Her love is so sacrificial for you, just like God’s. Take this mother’s day to talk with her and listen because that is ultimately quality time. Remember, it’s not what you are doing, it’s who you’re with. 

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