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Albert Einstein's Struggle with School

Life’s Bumps and Thumps

Life often throws bumps in your road to achievement. Through elementary and middle school, your parents may have helped smooth the bumps into manageable pebbles. During your high school years, however, the bumps have grown and now they threaten to affect your future. Reality sets in when major obstacles put your goal of achieving a high school diploma in danger.

Even Albert Einstein, the brilliant physicist and author, had bumps that he had to overcome. According to a biography of Albert Einstein by Marie Hammontree, Einstein had problems in elementary school, not with the coursework, but with other students. He felt isolated and alone. In addition, Einstein’s teachers felt that he was disrespectful because he asked them questions that they did not have answers to. During his secondary school years, his family moved and left him with relatives. He knew that upon completion of his schooling, he would have to enroll in the military. Einstein withdrew from school and dodged the draft by forging a doctor’s note.

In Einstein’s biography, Hammontree states that Albert Einstein felt stupid and short-sighted leaving school without a diploma. He could not attend a university until he completed his previous coursework. Eventually, Einstein applied to another school to earn his diploma and finally start attending a university.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

Albert Einstein faced some of the same problems, yet he managed to overcome them and fulfill his dreams. With the help of a tutor, he was able to pass the exit tests for each subject and finally receive his diploma. Today, high school students have many more options than Albert Einstein had. You can take online high school credit recovery courses that align with your school’s curriculum and graduate with your fellow students.

Making a change to ensure a good future takes a lot of courage. As you take action to ensure your future, here are some important steps to follow:

Step One: Get Everyone on the Same Page

Your first step toward a good future is having an honest conversation with your parents. They might not be aware of the difficulties you’ve been dealing with. Explain to them the problems that you are encountering and how you have tried to resolve them. Then, go to the school counselor and present the same scenario. Ask for his or her advice on how to graduate with your class. It might be embarrassing, but in the future you may regret not taking the appropriate steps.

Step Two: Do Your Research

There are thousands of high school credit recovery courses that you can take online. As you identify courses that you have failed or are likely to fail, search online to find high schools throughout the country that are offering the high school credit recovery courses that you need. Show everyone that you can do anything that you put your mind to and make your high school diploma happen.

The major hurdle is deciding which one will support your learning style and uphold your moral standards. Enlightium Academy is a well-known school that operates by Christian standards, has an accredited curriculum, and encourages every student individually. The high school credit recovery coursework is completed independently and with more flexibility to work with your time frame. Once the assigned Credit Recovery course is completed, Enlightium Academy will mail you a transcript of your grades which you then can turn in to your school district. You can enroll at any time for any high school credit recovery course with the recommendation of your school counselor and a transcript of your previous coursework.

With online high school credit recovery courses, you will have one-on-one support from teachers and counselors. They will assist you in choosing courses that meet your state, city and school’s requirements for graduation.

Step Three: Maintain Momentum

When Einstein’s son asked his father why he was so famous, Einstein answered:

"When a blind beetle crawls over the surface of a curved branch, it doesn’t notice that the track it has covered is indeed curved. I was lucky enough to notice what the beetle didn’t notice”(Jurgen Neffe).

You are lucky enough to notice that you need that high school diploma to get far in this world. When applying for jobs or admittance to a college you will be asked whether you are a high school graduate or not. You have alternatives that Einstein didn’t have. Imagine the opportunities and self-confidence you will gain when you finally possess that piece of parchment that states you have earned your high school diploma. Be like Einstein and not like the beetle; notice the bumps in the road and find a way around them to fulfill your dreams.

Step Four: Find Your Way

Unfortunately, life is going to have both bumpy and smooth roads. You need to learn how to overcome the bumps that are holding you back. Don’t let that bump send you down a road that you don’t want to follow. Talk to people, explore your options for getting around or over the bump, and continue to move forward.

You need that high school diploma to travel further down the road of life. Ask for opinions from others, research your options and take action. Sometimes, overcoming that bump can send you into a path that you were really meant to take.

If you are looking for a curriculum that allows students to work from home with their families, then consider Enlightium Academy. Enlightium is a fully accredited online private Christian school that allows students to work at their own pace with a flexible schedule. Our affordable tuition, individualized curriculum, and simple admissions process maintains the advantages of a home school education while also preparing students well for college. Additionally, Enlightium offers record-keeping and has worked with families in all 50 states to meet state requirements. Feel free to call us at 866-488-4818 if you have any questions about transferring to Enlightium Academy.

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