When you are the parent of an online private school student, you might find yourself in a role that you never imagined: Information Technician. You are now in charge of ensuring that your student has all of the correct technology he or she needs to complete the schoolwork.

Buying a computer is like buying a car. Your selection is dependent upon your intended use. A family of six living in Alaska might choose an SUV, while a retired couple in Florida may purchase a convertible. Your computer purchase should complement your lifestyle.

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Chromebook - Affordability

Starting price: About $250
Security: High (Forbes)
Audience: Students who will use it for school…and not much else.



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PC - Freedom

Starting price: About $700
Security: Low (Forbes)
Audience: Students who will use it for gaming and other high-demand activities



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Mac - Creativity

Starting price: About $1,300
Security: High (Forbes)
Audience: Students with their hand in media



making a decision:

  1. Do additional research on the computers you are considering.
  2. Talk as a family about your price range, your student’s hobbies, and your student’s post-graduation plans.
  3. For many families, buying a computer is the first major purchase for the student. Use it as an opportunity for teaching responsibility.
  4. Test out the product before you buy. Go into a store, log into the student’s account to ensure everything works (then sign out!), and ask the store representative any questions you may have.
  5. Be safe. Purchase malware protection if needed. Talk to your student about safe internet practices, including avoiding inappropriate sites and being responsible when talking to other people.
  6. Have fun and educate yourself! Computers are here to stay, so embrace the beast.



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