Celebrating Easter with Artisan Bread Recipes from Around the World

Celebrating Easter with Artisan Bread Recipes from Around the World

For Christians all over the world, the week leading up to Easter is one of preparation for this important holiday. Easter is the day when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and His victory over sin and death. Different cultures and families celebrate Easter in different ways, but for most of us food plays a central part in these celebrations. In fact, many cultures have specific traditional artisan bread recipes that are used to bake special sweet breads for Easter Sunday festivities.

Coming together with friends and family to share a meal and celebrate is a very Biblical practice. We can see this reflected in the story of the wedding at Cana, when Jesus took steps to make sure the celebration could continue, and even in the Last Supper, which was a time for fellowship and revelation for Jesus and His disciples. As you prepare to gather your family for an Easter breakfast or dinner, why not include one of these beautiful traditional artisan bread recipes in your plans?

  • Croatian Sirnica Easter Bread. This twice-risen bread is light, fluffy and capped with sugar. The recipe is not particularly complicated, but requires more prep time due to the fact that you will let the dough rise twice, once before shaping it and once after shaping it. If the prep time does not present a problem for you, these round loaves can make a nice addition to your Easter Sunday table and will go well with your other treats.

  • Greek Tsoureki Easter Bread. celebrating Easter with artisan bread recipes from around the world pinThis one of the artisan bread recipes results in attractive, braided loaves that are definitely on the sweet side, but are not frosted, glazed, covered in sugar, or filled with dry fruit. Instead, this bread is baked with traditional spices like cardamom (check the recipe in advance to make sure your spice cabinet has the required ingredients). This recipe also calls for more prep time as the dough needs to rise, but it also results in multiple loaves.

  • Russian Paska Easter bread. This traditional Russian and Ukrainian artisan bread recipe is definitely a bit more complicated, but it results in very decorative and delicious loaves that almost look like the bread version of Easter eggs. The prep time is more than six hours, as ingredients have to be added in a specific order, but much of that time is simply for the dough to rise or the bread to cool. If any bread is left over (and that is a big “if”), blogger Natasha says it also makes amazing french toast.

  • Romanian Pasca Easter Bread. If you are looking for a new and different tradition, this Romanian traditional bread might be a good fit for your family. The bread itself does not take very long to prepare, but as a variant of the other Easter bread, the center of this round loaf is filled with a mixture of ricotta and egg. The finished loaf is beautiful and your family might just love this traditional bread from across the globe.

Easter is a special occasion for contemplation, celebration, and time together with family and friends. Spending quality time over a meal is infinitely valuable in creating opportunities to make memories and have meaningful conversations with your children about Easter and the miracle of the resurrection. These traditional artisan bread recipes may just be a small part of your Easter Sunday celebration, but they can be a wonderful way to connect with other cultures as Christians all over the world celebrate that Christ is risen indeed!

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