Do I Have the Right Browser for Online Private Schooling?

Do I Have the Right Browser for Online Private Schooling?

If you don’t know much about browsers, your world is about to change forever. The browser you choose will dictate your internet exploring experience. For an online private school student, choosing the right browser can be the difference between a great day of learning and watching a page load for several minutes.

I’ve rated the most common browsers based on:

  • Compatibility with Ignitia (the online curriculum used by Enlightium Academy)
  • General public opinion
  • My personal preference (which we can all agree is the most important factor)

Google Chrome Mail Maps Youtube


Rating: A+
Developer: Google

  • Fast and reliable
  • Simple Google search
  • Tons of extensions. Think applications for your browser; the list below includes some of my favorites
    • Earth View from Google Earth - beautiful backgrounds from Google Earth each time you open a new browser
    • Honey - Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online


  • Incognito Mode - hides searches and allows the user to view websites without it showing in the user history. Granted, private mode is found in most major browsers. Parents can use one of many third party applications to ensure safe computer usage for youth.
  • Google is known for advertising, and using their browser helps advertisers track your browsing history and cater products and services accordingly.

Click here to download Chrome.



Rating: A-
Developer: Mozilla

  • Has pretty good built-in security against malware
  • Similar to Chrome, it offers a library of extensions. Unlike Chrome, I haven’t spent enough time using Firefox to develop any favorites.


  • Uses more computer memory than a browser should. This can result in constant buffering, slowly loading pages and failing tabs.
  • Its reliability varies depending on which type of device you use.

Click here to download Firefox.



Rating: B
Developer: Apple

  • A very secure browser. Apple does what it can to wick away malware.
  • Connects seamlessly with iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple products that you have (using features such as iCloud Keychain)


  • Works great on Macs, but not as great on other computers.
  • Since Apple likes to be in control of your experience (think of a PC’s modularity versus a Mac’s), Safari is also relatively non-customizable. In other words, your tour guide for the Safari browser doesn’t allow free exploration.

Click here to download Safari. 


Internet Explorer

Rating: D
Developer: Microsoft

  • It connects to the Internet.
  • It used to be popular, so that has to count for something.


  • It’s infamous for being the slowest of the major browsers.
  • It’s been discontinued in favor of Edge (which also works with Ignitia), so no more versions will be made available.

Click here to download Edge, if that’s what you want to do with your life.

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