Growing in Grace: Introduction

Growing in Grace: Introduction

We are starting a new Theology In Action series entitled Growing in Grace. The series aims at answering the overarching question, how do I grow in my relationship with Jesus? Specifically, how do we find clarity, conviction, and confidence in Christ, in a culture of confusion, complacency, and compromise? Throughout this series we will allow God’s Word to confront us and answer these questions. It will be divided into seven parts and Jesus will be our exemplar, our template on how to grow in His likeness.

Growing in Grace is part of the Theology in Action program at Enlightium Academy, an accredited, online Prek-12 school. This chapter of Growing in Grace is also available in audio and video formats.

Let us quickly reflect on Jesus’ parable of the seed or what has been called the Parable of the Sower. In this parable the seed is the Word of God. As Luke 8:1-15 recounts, the seed fell on different types of terrain: some on a path, some on a rock, some among thorns, and still others on good soil. The seeds that fell along the path were trampled underfoot. These represent those people who hear the word, and then allow the devil to take away the truth. Some seed fell on the rock and the seed withered because it had no depth of soil to hold in moisture. This is like those who hear the word, receive it with joy, but because there is no root, they fall away during adverse times. Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns eventually choked the seed from growing. This is like people who hear the word yet the cares, riches, and pleasures of this life stifle their ability to grow and mature. Lastly, there is the seed that fell in good soil. These represent those who hear, hold fast, and bear fruit.

How does this parable apply to our series Growing in Grace? The Christian life is not easy. It requires a certain fortitude and empowerment that only Jesus can provide by the Holy Spirit. As we go through this series, we will learn about 7 spiritual disciplines that will insure we continue in maturity and bear fruit – overcoming the devil, the world, and times of adversity.

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