How To Help Your Child Develop Their God-Given Talents

How To Help Your Child Develop Their God-Given Talents

Are talents given from above or developed? Some may say they are given, others may say they are developed with time.

Both are true: talents are given and developed.

Psalm 139:13-14 reminds us that God pieced us together, stich-by-stich, and made us wonderful. He gave us each talents that we can use to glorify His name. Your child has been given talents from the Creator of the Universe, which is a gift that is truly amazing.

Talents must also be developed. If given talents are not polished daily, they can become useless. For example, certain children are noticeably gifted in music, yet without practicing daily, that talent can be lost. As parents we should be the ones to encourage our children to endure through practicing.

So how can you help develop your child’s talents? Here are some suggestions:

1. Identify your child’s talents

Christian Parenting kids talentsBe attentive to your child’s true talents. What are they naturally gifted at doing? What do they truly enjoy doing? Have a conversation with them about what you see in them, what they see in themself and how it is a gift from God.

2. Work with your child

It is important to work with your child – even if they think differently than you.Remember that God has given them a unique perspective and although it is not as developed as yours, it is valid. If your child has a different idea on how they would like to practice and develop their talent, consider letting them try it for a given time in order to see what works best for them.

3. Support and Encouragement

Children need consistent support while they are young. A parent should not assume that a child could learn the needed skills without support. Parents need to invest in their children daily by working alongside their child on schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Without parental involvement, a child is unlikely to properly develop his or her talents.

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A fellow teacher once said, ‘A child needs 1% of giftedness; the other 99% comes from a dedicated mother who makes sure that daily practice takes place.’ 


In the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14 -30), Jesus says that to those who utilize what they're given effectively, more is given. While those who hide what is given, they lose it. As a parent, you have an opportunity to help your child succeed with the talents God has given him or her.

Be aware of your child's talents and help them develop properly. It is also very important to be consistent in encouraging them to practice daily until it becomes a habit. 

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