Ignitia Troubleshooting: My Student is Waiting Too Long for Quizzes and Tests to be Unlocked


Li’l Billy is working on a quiz or test when the internet cuts out and the assessment is turned in automatically. Suddenly, from the living room, “Moooom!” Li’l Billy needs the quiz or test unlocked so he can finish it.

The good news is that quizzes and tests are unlocked by teachers, so if the student waits the assignment will be unlocked. Quizzes and tests are unlocked during office hours within the standard response time for the support package that the student is enrolled in.

The bad news is that human error can occur too. If more than the standard response time has passed, the teacher may have a higher than normal volume of assignments to grade or a simple oversight.

All your student needs to do is send a direct message to their teacher and kindly request for the quiz or test to be unlocked. Note that it is best practice to send just one message to the teacher. Families should not have multiple channels of communication to Enlightium at one time for a single request; this means that families should not send chats to other teachers and/or call Enlightium’s office to request an assignment to be unlocked. Office staff and other teachers do not have authority to open assignments for your student.

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