Ignitia Troubleshooting: My Student's Account Has Been Hacked!


Li’l Billy logs in for the day, ready to tackle his math lesson. But something doesn't seem right… Suddenly, from the living room, “Moooom!” Lessons have been progressed when he hadn’t started them.

Li’l Billy thinks his Ignitia account has been hacked!

The good news is that it probably wasn’t a terrorist.

The bad news is that there might be some digging to figure out what has been completed by someone other than Li’l Billy.

First, you need to identify how the breach occurred.

The basic password.

It’s unlikely, but someone might have guessed (or heard) your student’s username and password. A complex password is good. A passphrase is great. Update your student’s password by contacting Enlightium Technical Support at (866) 488-4818 extension 1, then extension 4.

The unsuspecting sibling.

Let’s say your student is logged into his Ignitia account on the family computer, takes a break and decides to change computers midday. He now logs into Ignitia on his personal laptop and begins a test.

Meanwhile, a sibling gets on the family computer to do their homework and does not check to see if it is her Ignitia account she is logging into; the username and password auto-filled, so she just clicked “log in”. Now, even though her brother is using a different computer, he is kicked out of his test.

Solution: Speak to each student to ensure that they are logging into their own Ignitia account.

Second, you need to work backward to see how much work was completed by someone else. Chances are, it is not too much. Once you’ve identified which assignments were completed, (politely) contact the appropriate teacher(s), tell them of the situation and which assignment(s) were affected, and request for them to be reassigned.

Additional steps:

  • Change your password to a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols periodically
  • Ensure that you are logged out of Ignitia when you are not doing your schoolwork
  • When you log in to Ignitia, ensure that your username and password are not auto-filling (not saved)
  • Do not share your password with anyone

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