Kidz Bop Star’s Take on Why Music is Important


Music is an essential element of culture that engages people for a variety of reasons. It often becomes a central point of connection, collaboration, and even identity.


Wanting to learn a bit more ourselves about why music is important, we at Enlightium Academy chatted with current student and Kidz Bop star Bredia Santoro, to discuss her perspective on why music is important and how it has enriched her life.


Bredia has been dancing and singing since she was three years old. By the age of six she was dancing competitively and training in piano and voice. When asked how culture has impacted her view of why music is important in life, Bredia said, "I am second generation Mexican, Italian, Norwegian, and Polish. Music is a big part of my life. We listen to it, cook to it, dance to it, sing to it, eat to it, and love music!”


Music impacts our lives in a number of ways. Let’s learn about why music is important and the roles it plays in our lives.

Listening to music is a form of entertainment.

Entertainment is the simplest way that music impacts our lives. Listening to music can be a shared experience, a foundational bond between friends and families as they travel through life together. Music is also an incredibly personal experience, as melodies stay with people and lyrics capture many of the things they feel or want to feel. Listening can be a form of meditation, clarifying chaotic thoughts and emotions. Going to a live show can be an exciting or cathartic venture, an experience people carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Music is a way to express yourself.

Some of us, along with Bredia, don’t need to just listen in order for music to connect with how we feel. Bredia sees her music as a form of self expression. "I use music to communicate as I express myself through the music I write,” Bredia said. “I write about situations that have gone on in my own life and what is going on in the world today. I use my voice and instruments to express my emotions and feelings.”

Music can help us grow.

Music can also help us become better people by changing our moods, allowing us to see ourselves as a part of a bigger story, or even producing a stronger sense of self. Regarding why music is important to personal development, Bredia says, “My confidence, my relationship with God and my family are growing as my talent is growing.”

Music makes us work.

Many people stay plugged in to their music for motivation while working and exercising. Research suggests that listening to music while studying can aid the learner in three ways:


1Listening to music can increase memory and learning. While this depends upon the genre of music and the mood it put us in, there is some evidence to suggest that cognitive abilities can be enhanced by the presence of music. Listening to classical music, for example, can increase mental functionality, a concept known as the Mozart Effect.


2Energy and motivation can be even more significant factors in performance than cognitive ability, and music has the ability to impact our psychology and emotions, stimulating productivity. Imagine yourself cleaning out your garage in dead silence when compared to blasting classic rock.


3Stress relief is another major benefit of listening to music. Winding down at night to soothing music can drastically lower your stress levels.

Music can bring people together.

Another reason why music is important is it’s power to unify people around a shared experience. For Bredia, music has created many opportunities to connect with people around the country: "Music has brought me closer to other people, as it has allowed me to travel across the country and meet tons of people and create everlasting friendships. As I write my own music, it helps [me] connect with other teenagers and adults.” One of the beautiful things about music is that creating it is collaborative in nature. One person with a guitar and a voice can be a strong foundation, but as more voices and instruments join in, the experience becomes deeper. The end result is a shared project that all involved can take joy and pride in. Each individual has become a part of something powerful.

Music is a career choice.

For many, especially those for whom music is both a passion and a livelihood, it’s obvious why music is important. Music can become so much more than a hobby: it can be a source of growth and a developer of relationships; music can be a calling in itself. There are a range of careers centering around music such as public relations, tour management, recording, and mixing. In 2012, the global music industry generated 50 billion U.S. dollars.

Why Music is Important Bredia Santoro

Music is a way to worship God.

Perhaps the most significant reason why music is important is that it has the ability to open our hearts to one another and to God by providing a means for us to express ourselves and understand ourselves as part of a bigger story. I am a Christian,” Bredia says. “God has blessed me with the gift of music. He has given me a way to feel free and share my love of music to the world.” Whether you’re reflecting God’s glory in front of an audience, or quietly in your own heart, it is clear that God has given music a special role in being a bridge between the Creator and the created. When we’re free to enjoy or create music, the world becomes a more heavenly place.

Incorporating music with education.

Enlightium Academy offers a new way of incorporating music with education. Students like Bredia aren’t always able to have the standard 8 hours a day, 5 days a week school schedule.  While providing music electives, such as music theory and music appreciation, Enlightium Academy provides a full academic curriculum with a Christian worldview, all with the flexibilty necessary to build a lifestyle centered on music. Students have the option to complete school work around major hurdles and life experiences, such as traveling and recording sessions.


If your child is interested in pursuing his or her passion, you don’t need to sacrifice your child’s education to make that work. Enlightium Academy understands why music is important and offers several reasons to enroll, the least of which is flexibility in when and how students complete their school work. As a private school, Enlightium students also receive the best education, with accredited curriculum and certified teachers to assist students as they need it.


If your child is ready to pursue a life of music, acting, or anything else, you are not alone. Enlightium Academy can help make your dream a reality.


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