Showing God’s Grace and Unconditional Love in Your Family

Showing God’s Grace and Unconditional Love in Your Family

Part 1: Helping Your Children Reach Their Full Potential

Writing as one who has faced many challenges in life: low self-esteem, being bullied, sometimes being the bully, succumbing to peer pressure, and the uncertainty of not knowing what “I want to become when I grow up,” I am certain that I would not have achieved confidence and success in life without the support of my family and the unending humbling from God’s grace.

The constant motivating force in my life really boils down to how God has been in control every step of the way. It is my desire to share what I’ve learned as the youngest of eight children, to shed some light on how children might be guided to grow up to be someone they’re proud to be. 

Showing Unconditional Love:

Unconditional love is the landmark principle of the Christian faith. Jesus died for us because of his unconditional love, and we are commanded to love our enemies, not just our friends and family. In light of that command, how much more should parents be willing to show grace and love to their children?

Showing Grace:

Grace is the most important motivating factor for love. Paul started his second letter to the Corinthians with these words, Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Corinthians 1:2). To instill the necessary understanding in children, parents must be models of God’s love and grace. To grow your children’s love for you, for God, for others, for themselves, they must be shown grace, and understand that despite their mistakes, they will still be loved.

Showing Gods Grace Pin

Children need to experience love and grace from their parents. Not showing grace can lead children to put up walls and lie, because they’re living in not only fear of the consequences, but fear of losing love and having a damaged reputation. But if love and grace are given unconditionally, children will learn to look to God rather than making their reputations an idol. By showing grace, parents provide a safe environment for conversations conducive to spiritual growth and maturity.

That is the education of the mind and heart: being impacted by His grace and learning to trust that He is in control promotes an unending desire to learn and understand without fear of choosing the wrong path, and most importantly, it grows the capacity to love unconditionally.

I learned that all of my mistakes and all of the uncertainties I’ve faced in my short life have been shown to be for the good of His glory. Through the grace and love given by my family, my shortcomings became an opportunity for me to focus on God and allow him to work in and through me.

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