Steps to take if your homeschool student has no official records


Here at Enlightium Academy (EA), we strive to place our students in appropriate courses that are not overwhelming, while remaining academically challenging. Determining each student’s academic standing is crucial for proper placement. Placement Tests and student records help counselors in this process, but what if your student was homeschooled and there are no official records?

Steps to take if your homeschool student has no official records pIf your student was homeschooled, EA will send you the Homeschool Questionnaire. The Questionnaire covers

  • Homeschool Grades
  • Homeschool Subjects
  • Homeschool Curriculum
  • Homeschool Records
  • Homeschool Tested
  • Homeschool State Registration


If you have homeschool records, provide EA with the following documents:

  • Curriculum used
  • Final grades from the previous year (show created example)
  • Copies of tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects (show created example)
  • Attendance dates/record
    • This information may be available if you participated in a homeschool co-op
    • Personal attendance records you kept at home
  • Documentation of how much work was completed (Example: quarter, semester, year reports)
  • Report card
    • If there is not a report card, provide a list of courses, the title of the curriculum used, and a summary of the student’s progress
  • If you used the PACES program
    • Write down how many PACES were completed and the total number of PACES per subject so EA can determine how much was completed overall
  • We use supporting documentation first (report cards, curriculum, samples of work, test scores, essay samples, etc.) and, if needed, use the test out option ($50 per credit)
    • Testing out is only needed for core subjects (English, Math, Science, and History) if documentation is not sufficient


The requirements for high school students are much more stringent due to credits being involved. Enlightium Academy can not award credit to homeschooled courses without evidence that the course was successfully completed with a passing score. Here is what your student’s counselor will need to receive in order to award credit to homeschooled courses.

  • Provide EA with the following documentation:
    • Curriculum used
    • What topics were covered
    • Final grades from the previous year (show created example)
    • Several samples of completed work in each subject
    • Copies of tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects (show created example)
      • If state testing had been completed, provide a copy of the state test results
  • High school students may be required to test out of several of their homeschool courses. A student tests out of a course when he/she passes a test covering the material in a course, such as Algebra or English I
    • Each test is $50
    • Please contact your counselor to find out which courses need to be tested out of

Steps to take if your homeschool student has no official records iTIPS FOR FAMILIES ENROLLING WITHOUT TRANSCRIPTS

  • Communication with parents is very important when evaluating homeschool curriculum and learning about the education process provided by parents. Please respond to our Records Department’s and counselor’s emails in a timely manner so that no time is lost and your student can be placed in the appropriate courses
  • Properly placing students without transcripts can be a time-consuming process, no matter where you enroll. Please allow your student’s counselor the time he/she needs to review all documentation
  • If your local school district inquires about your student’s status, provide clear and accurate updates. Read our article “3 Things to Remember When Speaking With Your School District” for more tips when speaking with your local superintendent

If you are looking for a curriculum that allows students to work from home with their families, then consider Enlightium Academy (EA). EA is a fully accredited online private Christian school that allows students to work at their own pace with a flexible schedule. Our affordable tuition, individualized curriculum, and simple admissions process maintain the advantages of a homeschool education while also preparing students well for college. Additionally, EA offers record-keeping and has worked with families in all 50 states to meet state requirements. Feel free to call us at 866-488-4818 if you have any questions about transferring to Enlightium Academy.

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