At Enlightium Academy, students have Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs) for each grade level. This means that upon completing the 10th grade, each student is expected to grow not just academically, but spiritually and socially.

One of the three academic ESOs is technical capabilities. Upon reviewing this article, students in 10th grade are expected to understand malware and antivirus.

Keeping your computer free from malware allows you to surf safely. Malware could be planted by hackers, terrorists, or bored individuals.

Understanding malware.

Malware is software that causes damage to your device or allows a third party unauthorized access to your system.

Avoid dodgy websites.

The best way to get a virus is by visiting websites you don’t know, downloading iffy programs, and opening an email from an unknown person.

Use an antivirus.

Users have several antivirus software options. Keep in mind that a free antivirus isn’t really going to be free; it’s going to cost you something. Look for reputable antivirus and consider paying for an annual subscription. Note that antivirus software tend to play catch up with the latest malware, so no computer is ever really safe. Happy surfing!

Browser updates.

Several browsers are also using a built-in wall of protection, such as Chrome. In using these browsers, make sure to update the software when notified.


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